Can Ketoacidosis Cause Seizures

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Diabetic Coma Recovery: What You Need To Know

In people with diabetes, a diabetic coma occurs when severe levels of either high or low uncontrolled blood sugar are not corrected. If treated quickly, a person will make a rapid recovery from a diabetic coma. However, diabetic coma can be fatal or result in brain damage. It is important for people with diabetes to control their blood sugars and know what to do when their blood sugar levels are not within their target range. The severe symptoms of uncontrolled blood sugar that can come before a diabetic coma include vomiting, difficulty breathing, confusion, weakness, and dizziness. Recovery from diabetic coma If a diabetic coma is not treated within a couple of hours of it developing, it can cause irreversible brain damage. If no treatment is received, a diabetic coma will be fatal. In addition, having blood sugar levels that continue to be too low or too high can be bad for long-term health. This remains true even if they do not develop into diabetic coma. Recognizing the early signs of low or high blood sugar levels and regular monitoring can help people with diabetes keep their blood sugar levels within the healthy range. Doing so will also reduce the risk of associated compli Continue reading >>

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  1. Michael L. Jirka

    Ketones are produced when the body has to use fats for energy. ketones and Beta Hydroxy Butyric acid are byproducts. You, as a type 1 diabetic take insulin more than once a day because your pancreas is weak from a virus or you have an autoimmune antibody destroying your natural insulin. Either way, you are not an UNDIAGNOSED diabetic who has never had an insulin shot, and even though your sugar was very high, you took insulin and the body will always utilize glucose before it uses fats and proteins for energy. AND THAT IS WHY I THINK IT IS POSSIBLE IN YOUR CASE.

  2. Aerie Robinson

    I am high frequently - getting much better though, go me - I would also dump ketones, when I felt like checking them, but would also often not dump them as often as i would think for being as high as I was. I'd be 400+ and have none or very low ketones.

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