Can I Drink Alcohol In Ketosis?

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Diabetes occurs when the pancreas doesn’t produce enough insulin. Insulin is a hormone that is essential in controlling glucose usage. It regulates the metabolism of fat and carbs in the body. How Can Alcohol Cause Diabetes? Heavy drinking can cause diabetes in one of three ways… Reduced sensitivity to insulin, possibly causing type 2 diabetes Side effect of Pancreatitis (a common result of heavy drinking) Weight Problems due to the high calories in some alcoholic drinks (1 pint of beer can equal to those in a burger)


51 minutes Carl and Richard discuss alcohol, how it is metabolized, particularly by those eating a ketogenic diet. They discuss the carbohydrate content of typical drinks, and share a couple yummy keto-friendly cocktail recipes. Errata: Richard said he'd had 3 Bottles of Moët before the show - but it was actually 3 GLASSES of Moët. Also Richard said he didn't know of research substantiating Alcohol inhibiting gluconeogenesis and 5 minutes after we finished recording he found one from Hans Krebs (linked below). Update: May 11, 2016: Carl did an n=1 study on himself by following a 22/2 intermittent fasting pattern for 3 weeks. He ate only dinner, but had drinks with and after dinner. The result was a big plateau. No major weight loss. He then did a 2 day fast and started eating his one meal at lunch time (with no alcohol) saving the drinks for the evening. The results were positive. He started losing a pound a day. His hypothesis: When you drink alcohol your liver stops metabolizing food and focuses on the alcohol. Once all the calories are extracted from the alcohol the liver goes right back to metabolizing food, but now your caloric intake has increased and some of the calories f Continue reading >>

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  1. eatrainrest

    alcohol kicking you out of ketosis

    i know beer has carbs in them, but am a little confused about hard alcohol, wine,? i moderately consume a drinki or two if i go out but wuold this kick me out of ketosis? also if anybody has experience running keto diet if I can PM you my diet for critique that would help...

  2. JinNtonic

    I hear Vodka is ok for carbs but not 100% sure on that.
    Ultra and Miller light are low on carbs. So if you keep it a 6 pack it isnt that bad.

  3. jamyjamjr

    yeast is a carb... if im not mistaken, it's only used in beer.. i'd say the hard alcohol is the safer bet.. keep it to a minimum though eat..

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The Can I Have List

We often get asked if you can have different products on the programme, and for some items the answer is yes. We then get asked if we can have them why aren't they listed on your website? Well the answer to that is, you can have for example some "Coke Zero" but we do not promote fizzy drinks or recommend that you drink "Coke Zero" so therefore we do not add it to our website as part of the plan. Therefore, we have made a list of the items we are asked about most frequently. We are not endorsing these products for you to use on the plan, we are only confirming that you can have them if you want to. There are also some items listed below to double confirm that you can not have them whilst on the plan. Condiments Salt which is a mineral, is allowed on the diet. You may also use pepper. Fry Light can be used sparingly for cooking. Fizzy Drinks Many diet drinks tend to contain 'Citric Acid' which in some people can cause problems with getting in, or staying in ketosis. We had tried to keep a list of "Ketosis friendly drinks" but due to manufacturers changing ingredients it's essential that you ensure the products you choose are suitable to the plan. Things to watch out for: Ingredients Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. Grork

    Ketosis and Alcohol

    Simple Question: Will alcohol (and not beer or wine obviously, but straight EtOh as in vodka) boot you out of ketosis?

  2. ExNole

    Grork wrote:
    Simple Question: Will alcohol (and not beer or wine obviously, but straight EtOh as in vodka) boot you out of ketosis?

    I'm pretty sure when your metabolizing alcohol you don't burn any fat.

  3. vroom

    ExNole wrote:
    I'm pretty sure when your metabolizing alcohol you don't burn any fat.

    Yeah, I think you are right that it is preferentially consumed, but I don't think it keeps you from returning to ketosis once the alcohol is used up.

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Keto And Alcohol, Are They A Good Mix?

Many people who are on a keto diet are wondering if there is some way they can mix keto and alcohol and still get all the benefits of eating according to a keto diet. There are many kinds of alcohol that are not good with a keto diet and there are also some alcoholic drinks that are quite okay when on a keto diet. You can however not drink alcohol on a regular basis if you want to loose weight since it impacts your weight loss progress. When combining keto and alcohol there are some items that are better than others. Try to stick with the hard alcohol such as whiskey or vodka. A glass of dry wine can also be fine some times. Most mixed drinks that you buy out on a club usually contain sugar and are not allowed on a keto diet. You also need to stay away from beer since most beer contain a high amount of carbohydrates. You can usually check the ingredients on the bottles you buy in the store and see that quite quickly you would reach a high amount of carbohydrates. Keto and alcohol, why do they not mix? When the alcohol reaches your body there is no mechanism to store the energy that is in alcohol so the body will metabolize the calories in alcohol before it uses any other energy sou Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. Dave Pereira

    Almost none.. I believe a 1/3 of a serving can pop the average person out of ketosis. This really depends on how the individual’s body will uptake, process and eliminate the alcohol (sugars). These vary on size, metabolism, hormonal health, etc.

  2. Doug Freyburger

    Being in ketosis roughly doubles the impact of alcohol. Be careful and cautious how much you drink! Plan on drinking half as much because it will hit you very hard. That is your real limit. In the US a binge is 5+ drinks in the same day. Since alcohol hits us twice as hard in ketosis that means the limit is 2–3. Have 3 shots of vodka and you will definitely be hammered! That’s your limit.
    When there is any alcohol present the body will burn it to the exclusion of fat until it’s gone. On a time scale of minutes and hours there is no amount of alcohol that does not interfere with being in ketosis. The deal is, the time scale for ketosis when dieting in not hour to hour. It’s day to day.
    Your next concern isn’t being in ketosis the next day. Unless you pass out from the booze you will be in ketosis the next day. It’s how long that drink will stall you. Unfortunately that answer is different for everyone. Some only pause for a day when they have a shot or two. Some pause for 2 weeks. You have to try it and see.

    My take is if you still have 50+ pounds to lose it’s not worth it. Alcohol is a social issue not a need. It’s not a high enough priority to care about if you still have 50+ to lose. And if you are so driven to have a shot anyways, that’s a drinking problem in addition to a weight loss discussion. But later, a week of pause just isn’t a big deal since loss rates are slower as you have less to lose. Not worth drinking every month, but probably worth it about every other month. Once you figure out how long you pause from drinking.

  3. Ron Hunter

    I think it’s an individual response. I recommend this article:

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