Can I Drink Alcohol In Ketosis?

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51 minutes Carl and Richard discuss alcohol, how it is metabolized, particularly by those eating a ketogenic diet. They discuss the carbohydrate content of typical drinks, and share a couple yummy keto-friendly cocktail recipes. Errata: Richard said he'd had 3 Bottles of Moët before the show - but it was actually 3 GLASSES of Moët. Also Richard said he didn't know of research substantiating Alcohol inhibiting gluconeogenesis and 5 minutes after we finished recording he found one from Hans Krebs (linked below). Update: May 11, 2016: Carl did an n=1 study on himself by following a 22/2 intermittent fasting pattern for 3 weeks. He ate only dinner, but had drinks with and after dinner. The result was a big plateau. No major weight loss. He then did a 2 day fast and started eating his one meal at lunch time (with no alcohol) saving the drinks for the evening. The results were positive. He started losing a pound a day. His hypothesis: When you drink alcohol your liver stops metabolizing food and focuses on the alcohol. Once all the calories are extracted from the alcohol the liver goes right back to metabolizing food, but now your caloric intake has increased and some of the calories f Continue reading >>

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  1. Grork

    Ketosis and Alcohol

    Simple Question: Will alcohol (and not beer or wine obviously, but straight EtOh as in vodka) boot you out of ketosis?

  2. ExNole

    Grork wrote:
    Simple Question: Will alcohol (and not beer or wine obviously, but straight EtOh as in vodka) boot you out of ketosis?

    I'm pretty sure when your metabolizing alcohol you don't burn any fat.

  3. vroom

    ExNole wrote:
    I'm pretty sure when your metabolizing alcohol you don't burn any fat.

    Yeah, I think you are right that it is preferentially consumed, but I don't think it keeps you from returning to ketosis once the alcohol is used up.

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