Can Fasting Cause Ketoacidosis?

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In Defense Of Fasting: Common Misconceptions

Clearing misconceptions For those of you wondering, the tone of this article has been highly edited from my anger-rant earlier. I used my blog as catharsis, but now it’s back to business. I get a message across better being polite anyway. Fasting is a fairly unique diet technique. It’s at a crossroads (more like highway junction) of efficacy, health, social perception, eating disorders, and overall safety. It’s not bad given you avoid a few pitfalls and don’t blatantly starve yourself, but some people are still caught up in the midst of all this confusion, not knowing whether not eating for a single day will hurt them or help them. This article is subject to editing in the future. I am using this to keep tabs on the current science of fasting, both good and bad. It might be nice to keep it bookmarked and come back to it from time to time. I also suspect some time in the future it might become Tl;Dr, but a valuable tool nonetheless. This can be used in drug testing also and because of this some people have found a way to access synthetic urine. One of the most popular sites is Since fasting is put on ‘trail’ a lot, I figured I might bring up the common arguments like a c Continue reading >>

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  1. maddiefoofoo

    Sigh - one week until Phase 3 and killed my streak. I have have a horrible head cold and have been dosing with nyquil/dayquil, etc. for 3 days. Today I happened to use a ketostix and for the first time was NOT in ketosis. The only thing i can think of is the cold medicine. When i read the ingredients, there was our nemesis HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP. It didn't list carb content - i wonder how much i have taken in.

  2. GloverParker

    I've been blissfully cold-free while on IP but you might try Theraflu and/or Alka Seltzer Cold Plus . . .both have been effective for me in the past and I'd guess that they're significantly less of a carb risk.

  3. mightbe

    I searched last night because I have a pretty wicked sore throat and from what I found Nyquil has anywhere from 15-18 carbs in 2 Tbsp! I'm guessing that the gel caps would be lower? I have just been drinking lots of hot tea because I couldn't find any sugar free cough drops.

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