Can Blood Glucose Be Stored As Fat?

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What Happens To Unburned Carbohydrates?

Your body uses mostly carbohydrates as well as fats for energy. Because the body doesn’t store carbs efficiently, they’re used first. Carbohydrates turn into glucose, which your body burns immediately or converts to glycogen to be stored in the muscles and liver for between meals. If you eat more calories from carbs or other sources than your body can use, the cells store the excess as fat. Of the three major nutrients -- carbohydrates, fat and protein -- the body burns carbs first for energy because they can’t be stored in great quantities. The carbohydrates in food get broken down into glucose, which moves into the small intestine, then the liver and into the blood. As blood sugar rises, the pancreas produces insulin, which signals the cells to take up sugar. Whatever glucose the cells don’t need immediately for energy is stored in the liver and muscles as glycogen. When the blood sugar levels fall -- such as between meals -- the liver releases glycogen. This cycle keeps your body supplied with a steady source of fuel. Insulin Resistance If you have insulin resistance or diabetes, the sugar-insulin cycle doesn’t work properly, leading to too much sugar and insulin circu Continue reading >>

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  1. nboylie

    I have searched rexall and shoppers drug mart and I can't seem to find them?

  2. quality_time

    I get mine at shoppers. I ask for them from the pharmacist as they keep them behind the counter. I've also gotten them from the pharmacy at the grocery store - same deal behind the counter. If they don't have them behind the counter it's on order. Typically with the diabetic stuff.

  3. rolodex9

    yep, Shoppers has them behind the pharmacists counter. In regards to how expensive they are, I combat that by cutting mine in half. They're still readable and instead of 50 you get 100 strips

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