Can Being Sick Affect Ketosis

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Will This Kick Me Out Of Ketosis?

A common question people have when starting keto is “will this kick me out of ketosis?” I’m going to address as many items as I can think of and explain why it will or will not kick you out of keto. This is going to be as comprehensive as possible so either use ctrl + f to find what you’re looking for or buckle up and read on. How do humans enter ketosis in the first place? Things will become much more clear if we explain how humans enter ketosis. Mainly, liver glycogen is what determines if ketones will be produced. Specifically, glycogen in the liver signals malonyl-coa to be formed by carboxylating acetyl-coa. Acetyl-coa is used in many processes and it’s the main substrate used to be turned into ketones. The wiki on regulation of ketogenesis which applies to this scenario says “When the body has no free carbohydrates available, fat must be broken down into acetyl-CoA in order to get energy. Acetyl-CoA is not being recycled through the citric acid cycle because the citric acid cycle intermediates (mainly oxaloacetate) have been depleted to feed the gluconeogenesis pathway, and the resulting accumulation of acetyl-CoA activates ketogenesis.” Basically, when there is Continue reading >>

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  1. Dyrex

    Getting sick more often on keto, is it coincidence?

    Almost all throughout last year I was not dieting or exercising at all but was never sick. I (re-)started my Keto diet right after Christmas, and about a week after, I got sick with sore throat/coughing/runny nose. I finally recovered after about 3-4 days. Now (2-3 weeks later), I'm sick again with a sore throat. Can the Keto diet, calorie deficit, or maybe too much exercise be the cause?

  2. Brianterz

    I think its just you man.. i have been on keto for 3+ years now.. havent been sick in 4 years or so

  3. MASSter

    Well this is the time of the year for sickness. Unrelated to diet.

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