Atkins Vs Keto Vs Paleo

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Keto Vs Atkins Diet

The Keto vs Atkins debate has been raging for years with neither able to establish a clear advantage in the eyes of the public. Both have their passionate advocates and equally ardent detractors so trying to find a definitive answer to which is better can be challenging. Much of the confusion regarding which low carb diet is better centered on the fact that there is a significant amount of overlap between the two diets. But while the overlay is real there are genuine differences as well. Below we’re going to take a close look at both the similarities and the differences between the diets. First a brief overview of each. The Atkins Diet is often called the "Atkins ketosis diet", which you eat as much fat and protein as possible while avoiding foods that are high in carbs. This process has been known to work for many people along with medical proof from proven professionals. The Atkins diet has been highly popularized and it consists of 4 different phases: The Keto diet (read about it in-depth here) was developed nearly a century ago. Like the Atkins diet that came after it (and borrowed from it) this diet relies on drastically reducing carbohydrate intake and entering ketosis wher Continue reading >>

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  1. SteveFerd

    I'm trying to understand what the difference is between all of the above. Many, many years ago, I did Atkins and had good success with that program. I read the getting started and it seems that keto is higher fat than either of the programs I listed. South Beach is lower fat and less restrictive on whole food carbs. Is there an easy to sum up difference between all of these plans?

  2. tsarz

    Keto and Atkins induction (based on the latest Atkins book) are very similar. I would argue that they are essentially the same, but the keto guidelines here on /r/keto and what you see in the Atkins book will vary a bit. They both limit net carbs to about 20 grams, limit protein consumption to a set amount based on sex/height, and leave the rest as fat.
    Paleo is like keto except the carb counts are higher, more like 100 grams depending on what "version" of paleo you're subscribing to. Paleo also tends to focus on foods that were available to our paleolithic ancestors, and so it avoids foods such as dairy and grains. Lacto-paleo is paleo with dairy. The definitions of what paleo means can vary quite a bit.
    I've never read about South Beach.

  3. omfglauren

    South Beach is low carb, low fat

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