Am I In Ketosis Quiz

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The Signs Of Ketosis On Atkins Diets

The Atkins diet, first published in 1972 and reinvented 20 years later, has helped countless people lose weight, but isn't without controversy. The diet severely limits your intake of carbohydrates -- found in sugar, bread, pasta, most fruits, starchy vegetables and many processed snacks -- to encourage your body to lose fat. Often, this pushes you into a state of ketosis, a process that occurs when you burn fat for fuel. Video of the Day Ketosis isn't inherently harmful, but in some cases can lead to a build up of the ketone bodies, causing dehydration and changes in your blood chemistry. Though a blood test is the most accurate way to determine if you're in ketosis, certain other physical changes provide clues that you're in this state. Ketosis and the Atkins Diet Your body usually uses glucose, derived from carbohydrates, for energy -- particularly to fuel the brain. Ketones are produced when you're short on carbohydrates and must burn fat for fuel. When you produce ketones for energy, you are in ketosis. Phase One, or the "Induction Phase," of Atkins will likely cause you to produce ketones. During these first two weeks, you consume no more than 20 grams of carbohydrates per da Continue reading >>

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  1. killab2oo5

    :] Hello all!
    I've been on ketosis for about 3 days (this being the 4th), and can't quite tell if I'm in Ketosis or not, even after a ton of Googling. I guess I'll start by listing my symptoms..
    No appetite
    Trouble sleeping
    Fruity taste in mouth
    Dizziness the first 2 days
    Slight nausea this morning (4th day)
    My confusion is that I'm not thirsty at all, I maybe don't eat enough fats, and I do have a bit of artificial sweetener in my diet.
    On my first two days I have a craving for sweets, so I ate some sugar-free+aspartame free Jello which worked wonders, and I've been having very small amounts of sugar-free (less than 2% aspartame) Cranberry juice, which has 1 carb per 8 ounces. The most carbs I've had in a day since starting is 5, but I read that sweets could keep you out of Ketosis during induction. Do you think this is the case for me?
    Also, I've definitely been eating more fats than carbs, but I'm worried that I don't get enough fats. I'll say that my average fat intake is 1 egg, 1 piece of bacon, and 1 Salmon patty. Is this enough...or do I need to be gulping down all the fat I can get?

  2. 2B_Healthy

    I use ketone strips, usually find I'm not hungry. I have found that water is very important to weight loss, even if your not feeling thirsty.

  3. killab2oo5

    Hmm, I have been eating a bowl of sugar-free Jello (~2 cups of water) a day along with some pickles. I also drink about 1 cup of sugar-free Cranberry juice a day... You think that's kind of enough? I never could drink 8 glasses of water a day. Also, can I be eating too less fat to go into Ketosis...even if it's more than my carbs?
    Ketostix are on the way. Hoping for positive results.

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