Alcoholic Ketoacidosis Symptoms And Treatment

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What Is Alcoholic Neuropathy & Can It Be Reversed?

Many people wonder as to what is alcoholic neuropathy and can it be reversed? Alcoholic neuropathy is a condition in which the peripheral nerves get damaged, mostly due to excessive drinking of alcohol. It is a type of peripheral neuropathy occurring in alcoholics and the symptoms of alcoholic neuropathy can be identified by increasing its awareness. It is important to understand the causes and symptoms of alcoholic neuropathy to begin with timely treatment. Recovery in alcoholic neuropathy can be expected in most cases, which receive timely treatment. Alcoholic neuropathy can be reversed in some cases, with proper management and treatment. In alcoholic neuropathy, the peripheral nervous system gets damaged, most probably due to alcohol abuse, as alcohol can be toxic for the nerves. Peripheral nerves carry signals from the body to the brain and spinal cord and bring signals back to the body. Neuropathy severely affects the way the nerves send signals to or receive from the brain. As a result of this, there are changes in the way the nerves sense the signals, which results in pain or alteration in sensations. Peripheral nerves supply the peripheral areas, which include the limbs or Continue reading >>

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  1. Pfraser029

    I was diagnosed with Stage 1 chronic kidney disease earlier this year. This is characterized by higher than normal creatinine levels. I’m curious to know if anyone knows the impact of a ketogenic diet on kidneys. Can I expect there to be an impact on my kidneys. I don’t expect there to be an improvement in my creatinine but I’m really hoping there’s no detrimental impact

  2. Brenda

    I’ve never heard of a detrimental impact. Sometimes people equate the ketogenic diet with very high protein, then you would be warned that high protein is “hard on your kidneys”.
    But the ketogenic diet is not high protein.
    It is in fact moderate protein.
    Also, one more thing. Did you only have one blood test come back indicating elevated creatinine levels? There can be confounded by many factors. I screwed mine up once by lifting weights fasted just before a blood test.

    Just wondering it was double checked.

  3. collaroygal

    I second Brenda’s comment about this could be a one off
    Dr. Jason Fung is a dr. whose specialty is kidney disease. If you have some how missed him on the internet and these forums, I suggest you start reading/viewing/listening to his lectures on your health, eating, and fasting. In his practice he found most of the kidney patients also had diabetes, so he went looking for the source of their problems. And has altered his practice accordingly.
    Intensive Dietary Management Blog
    Learn more information about the underlying causes of obesity and diabetes through the Intensive Dietary Management blog.

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