Acute Kidney Injury In Dka

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Children With Type 1 Diabetes At Risk Of Acute Kidney Injury Following Dka

A new study has found that children with type 1 diabetes (T1D) who are hospitalised for Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA) are more likely to develop acute kidney injury (AKI), a sudden episode of renal failure or damage. DKA is a severe complication that occurs with prolonged hyperglycaemia. It may occur at the initial presentation of newly diagnosed T1D or in someone with pre-existing T1D in times of illness or insulin omission. This is concerning because AKI is associated with increased morbidity and mortality as well as increased risk of chronic renal disease. This is especially relevant among children who are already at risk for diabetic nephropathy. This study, published in JAMA Paediatrics investigated the medical records of 165 children hospitalised for DKA at British Columbia Children’s Hospital in Canada. Of the 165 children hospitalised for DKA, 106 (64.2%) developed AKI (AKI stage 1, 37 [34.9%]; AKI stage 2, 48 [45.3%]; and AKI stage 3, 21 [19.8%]). Two children required haemodialysis. This study is the first to date to document that a high proportion of children hospitalised for DKA develop AKI. In Australia almost 6000 people, half under age 25, were hospitalised due to T1 Continue reading >>

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  1. sparkieamberjack

    I have been low carb for 2 weeks and I was doing good. I have about 20 carbs a day, however, today I had 15 grams of carbs and I cheated by having a few bites of my husbands Ice cream sandwhich. I figure I had 7 grams of suar and 12 grams of carbs from my cheat. So I had 27 grams of carbs for the day and 7 grams of added sugar not counting the natural sugar from the veggies I ate today. Could my cheat throw me out?

  2. MermaidTX

    Your diary for today shows you had 29 carbs. The 9 sugar carbs & the 4 fiber carbs are included in that carb total. But for sake of ketosis, you can deduct the fiber so your net carbs is only 25.
    Even at 29 carbs (without deducting fiber) you shouldn't get kicked out.
    Some people can get to 50g carbs daily & not get kicked out. I've never tried that myself tho.

  3. sparkieamberjack

    thank you

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