Acidosis In Dairy Cows

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Is Milk Protein (casein) Is Harmful For Diabetics? Should They Avoid Dairy Products?

When it comes to health, I tend to rely on factual evidence as opposed to popular opinion, hyperbole, unsubstantiated hypothesis, or conjecture. To avoid the confusion and distraction caused by meritless debate, I look for a preponderance of evidence... well established correlations having a long history of independently reproducible peer-reviewed clinical studies published in medical journals. As far as the deleterious effects of casein on diabetics, it is the same as with non-diabetics; the science is clear about it, and has been clear for several decades. Recent limited studies which tend to indicate otherwise have yet to be vetted, perfected, independently reproduced, and peer-reviewed. When it comes to my health, I do not rely on outliers - I rely on what the propensity of data indicates, and govern myself accordingly. Casein and animal proteins promote cancer; plant-based proteins do not. Period. Barnard RJ, Gonzalez JH, Liva ME, Ngo TH. Effects of a low-fat, high-fiber diet and exercise program on breast cancer risk factors in vivo and tumor cell growth and apoptosis in vitro. Nutr Cancer. 2006;55(1):28-34. Ornish D, Weidner G, Fair WR, Marlin R, Pettengill EB, Raisin CJ, Du Continue reading >>

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  1. minky

    Hi All,
    Here I go again, bouncing back out of bed...can't sleep... wide awake and full of energy...
    This started when I went into ketosis 4 or 5 days ago and nothing is helping at night.(Love my new found energy during the day but not at 10:00p!) I barely have any caffeine in my diet, perhaps 1/4 c coffee in the morning, so that's not it. Tried melatonin, doesn't work for me. I even tried an Ambien (which is my last resort) and even that didn't make me bat an eyelash.
    That's a bad case of insomnia.
    The biggest problem is that after tossing and turning all night I finally fall into a deep sleep at about 4:00am and then my confused body wants to sleep to 9:00am. This isn't working out so well with the rest of my life and family :help: any ideas?

  2. 299lbs

    I'm not personally affected by this, but I did a Google search and it seems that insomnia is a normal side effect to being in ketosis. It does however appear to only last until your body is used to being in ketosis. It doesn't say how long that's for, but my guess is that it depends on the person - unfortunately.
    Good night! I hope you get some sleep :)

  3. minky

    Thanks for your research, I saw a bit of that too. Also seems like quite a few people sleep better with ketosis :confused:
    Tonight I tried the age old trick of warm milk - only this time it was warm unsweetened Almond Milk. That at least got me into a light, fitful tossing / turning sleep by midnight, only to be awakened at 3:15 by a 3.9 Earthquake in Montana 800 miles away. :rolleyes: Small slam(!) and a shake was all it took - popped right up on that one, wide awake once again.
    So, here I am 4:10am. 2 ounces of turkey later (Tryptophan anyone? :lol: ) starting to get a little sleepy....can't sleep in till 9 today unfortunately.
    night night for now :yawn:

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