Acidosis In Dairy Cows

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Is Milk Protein (casein) Is Harmful For Diabetics? Should They Avoid Dairy Products?

When it comes to health, I tend to rely on factual evidence as opposed to popular opinion, hyperbole, unsubstantiated hypothesis, or conjecture. To avoid the confusion and distraction caused by meritless debate, I look for a preponderance of evidence... well established correlations having a long history of independently reproducible peer-reviewed clinical studies published in medical journals. As far as the deleterious effects of casein on diabetics, it is the same as with non-diabetics; the science is clear about it, and has been clear for several decades. Recent limited studies which tend to indicate otherwise have yet to be vetted, perfected, independently reproduced, and peer-reviewed. When it comes to my health, I do not rely on outliers - I rely on what the propensity of data indicates, and govern myself accordingly. Casein and animal proteins promote cancer; plant-based proteins do not. Period. Barnard RJ, Gonzalez JH, Liva ME, Ngo TH. Effects of a low-fat, high-fiber diet and exercise program on breast cancer risk factors in vivo and tumor cell growth and apoptosis in vitro. Nutr Cancer. 2006;55(1):28-34. Ornish D, Weidner G, Fair WR, Marlin R, Pettengill EB, Raisin CJ, Du Continue reading >>

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  1. Wodkat

    So I've been on induction since last weekend and I've only tested with the ketostix today and it was very dark purple (Im hydrating though, I swear!). What I also noticed was a weird taste in my mouth. Kinda like blood? Which I've read is a sign of ketosis so that's normal.
    But I wanna confirm this: ever since yesterday, my pee is really smelly. Sorry for the tmi! But yeah I drink tons of water and it's still yellow and it stinks, but I've also noticed it's unusually foggy! Could that be cause by the ketones or should I be worried?

  2. moniruth

    I don't know what causes it but it happens to me too. Maybe fat cells being excreted? You have to get rid of all the stuff the body is breaking down. And yes, it really smells!

  3. Wodkat

    thanks, glad to know it's not just me, because I was worried it might be something else ! but since it started when it did I believe it might be due to ketosis. it only makes sense, the chemicals from lipolisis and the ketones should be able to cause it, and I even tested a VERY dark purple on the ketosticks so yeah, I think Im just gonna drink *even* more water now

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