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Sarah Wilson | 3 Killer Recipes To Alkalise Your Body - Sarah Wilson

Heard of the alkalising diet? Its not really a diet its a way of eating. It entails leaning towards foods that help to alkalise your body. I like to lean. As opposed to doing a violent about-face with my eating. Essentially, diseases like cancer and AI cant exist in a fully alkalised system. The closer you can get to this utopic state, the better youll be. Simple. Alkaline Sisters kale salad, recipe below Ive done this before, when I was 21. I had Graves disease at the time. After three months of eating acid-free (nothing from a can, no deadly night shades mushrooms, potatoes, tomatoes etc), I was healed. Seriously. I avoided radioactive iodine treatment, put on weight again and got on with my life. Where does this sit with my eating today? And where does it fit with Paleo eating? As per my post last week , my take on Paleo eating is this: I eat a stack of vegetables mostly greens dairy in moderation, and eggs and meat in moderation as well. This still fits with an alkaline mentality, but is not strictly an alkaline diet. But I dont stick to any diet, I choose my own way. The main thing I take from the alkaline diet is lots of vegetables, especially green ones, no sugar, no proces Continue reading >>

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