Is 20 Units Of Insulin A Lot

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“i Just Injected 46 Units Of The Wrong Insulin!”

I have lived with type 2 diabetes for thirteen years, and I know very well howto take care of myself. In fact, I have it down to a routine. The flaw of aroutine activity, however, is that it is so very routine: you go through themotions without thinking. And that, as I learned to my deep chagrin, can bedangerous. On a recent speaking trip, I was just about to step into the shower when Iremembered that it was time for my Lantus injection. No problem-I stepped awayfrom the shower, prepared the dose, and injected the insulin. As soon as thedeed was done, however, dismay overwhelmed me. I had grabbed the wrong insulinand had just injected 46 units of rapid-acting Apidra instead of slow-releaseLantus. And I was alone in my hotel room, stark naked. My experience as a diabetes trainer kicked into overdrive as I yanked everythingout of the mini-fridge, desperately counting the carbohydrates available tocounter the quick-acting Apidra. The procedure I teach to treat hypoglycemia(low blood sugar) is to eat fifteen grams of fast-acting carbohydrates, waitfifteen minutes, and then check your blood sugar level. This process shouldcontinue until your blood sugar is over 70 mg/dl. But because I d Continue reading >>

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  1. AndreaD1981

    I'm nearly 36 weeks pregnant & started off on 8 units of insulin a day & now on 100 units a day near enough :(
    Is anyone else on this kind of dose?
    I'm a newly diagnosed TYPE 1 diabetic only discovered in pregnancy. They thought GD at first but then found antibodies in my blood which are only present in type 1s. It's like the pregnancy has brought it out.
    I'm finding out Monday if I'm being induced next week at 37 or the week after at 38 weeks.

  2. greatt84

    Yes, me!!!
    I am insulin resistant anyway. I'm not currently pregnant, but my background dose is 68 units a day, and on top of that I have 24 units with each meal. So that's like 140 units a day, and I'm NOT pregnant!!
    Poor you, what a shock for you fading out about being type 1 whilst pregnant :-(
    However, pls try not to worry. It is totally normal to suddenly need huge amounts of insulin in pregnancy. The pregnancy makes you more insulin resistant.
    In my last pregnancy, I had 135 units background insulin (by the end) and I was topping 40 units of insulin at each meal!!
    I'm on an insulin pump thank god!!!!
    Please don't worry too much, you need what you need. You won't need anywhere near as much insulin as that when you've delivered your baby :-)
    Good luck!

  3. AndreaD1981

    Wow thanks for that! Made me feel a lot better!
    How does a pump work? I have heard that's for people who need the really large amounts of insulin but I don't know much about it.
    Thanks for the positive post x

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