Why Is There Too Little Sugar In The Blood If Too Much Insulin Is Taken

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Managing Blood Sugar

Everyone’s experience with mealtime insulin is different, but there are some things you can look out for. Your Humalog dose will probably change over time. Your doctor gave you a starting dose, but most people need to increase their Humalog dose over time. When you track your blood sugar every day, you will probably see different numbers all the time. These variations in your blood sugar from day to day are normal. Your blood sugar varies based on stress, what you eat, other medications, exercise, and other factors. Don't be discouraged by changes in your blood sugar. With your doctor’s input, these variations may provide learning opportunities. Testing your blood sugar When using mealtime insulin like Humalog, you must test your blood sugar (glucose) regularly. For example, you may need to test before and after meals and at bedtime. Your doctor will tell you when and how often you should test. Why keep track? Keeping track of your blood sugar levels will help you and your doctor: Know if you’re meeting your blood sugar goals Learn how different foods affect your blood sugar levels Figure out how much insulin you should be taking Your doctor will tell you what to do if your b Continue reading >>

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  1. SPHTN

    Can Metformin take your blood sugar levels too low if you take too much??

    I just started treating the diabetes I was diagnosed with 10 years ago.
    For the past 3 weeks I have been taking 1000MG of Metformin per day.
    The first two weeks my sugars were in the 220-320 range... and I was eating perfect... very few carbs... but my sugar was still high... so I took it upon myself (after reading on the inet) to double my Metformin to 2000MG per day )5 days ago). The first 4 days my sugars were in the 160-190 range with no readings over 192... (still eating right)
    Last night I had a reading of 138... my lowest that I have seen ever in my life.
    Tonight I had a reading of 106. (30 mins ago)
    It makes me nervous because I didn't take my evening dosage. Only my morning dosage. I ate dinner at 6ish.. (93% lean angus hamburger patty (about 8-10 oz) w/ mushrooms and swiss cheese and broccoli.) Then I fell asleep around 7:15 until 9:30... and woke up and took my blood sugar reading... and it was 106... I only took 1 pill instead of two (500 mg) but worry that overnight it could take my levels too low...
    I guess my question is... can taking too much Metformin cause my sugar to drop too low??
    Sorry for the rambling...

  2. CalgaryDiabetic

    Not likely. at 2000 mg/day may be the minimum you need.

  3. epatsellis

    After being diagnosed with T2 in November (with a BG of over 500!), my doctor prescribed 1000mg/day. After talking to the NP at school (ret'd to school after 30 years off..), she took over my care.
    Now several months later I've gone from uncontrolled BG swings between 150 to 400 to a solid 90-140 range. My dosage went from 1000mg/day to 1000mg in the morning, one 500 mg before lunch and dinner and one at bed. Hopefully, as my weight decreases (I'm about 50lbs overweight), the dosage will go down.
    Some people's insulin resistance is higher than others, it seems that the "standard" starting dose is around 1000mg/day, but few people I know find that effective, working with your doctor and some serious diet changes can get your BG in control, I promise you.

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