Why Is Insulin So Expensive

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Why Are Diabetes Medications So Expensive And What Can Be Done To Control Their Cost?

Abstract PURPOSE OF REVIEW: The purposes of this study were to describe how medication prices are established, to explain why antihyperglycemic medications have become so expensive, to show trends in expenditures for antihyperglycemic medications, and to highlight strategies to control expenditures in the USA. RECENT FINDINGS: In the U.S., pharmaceutical manufacturers set the prices for new products. Between 2002 and 2012, expenditures for antihyperglycemic medications increased from $10 billion to $22 billion. This increase was primarily driven by expenditures for insulin which increased sixfold. The increase in insulin expenditures may be attributed to several factors: the shift from inexpensive beef and pork insulins to more expensive genetically engineered human insulins and insulin analogs, dramatic price increases for the available insulins, physician prescribing practices, policies that limit payers' abilities to negotiate prices, and nontransparent negotiation of rebates and discounts. The costs of antihyperglycemic medications, especially insulin, have become a barrier to diabetes treatment. While clinical interventions to shift physician prescribing practices towards lowe Continue reading >>

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  1. merrymerriemary

    I no longer can afford my Lantus that I take at bedtime. Can I take an extra metformin dose?

    I take metformin 1000 twice daily. Can I increase my metformin or take it 3 times daily to make up for the lantus?

  2. DzooBaby

    Metformin wont do what Lantus does. Call your endocrinologist or whatever doc is treating your diabetes and let them know that you are having trouble affording Lantus. Perhaps they can get you samples or they may know of a program where you can get the drug at reduced cost. Dont try to change you regimen yourself. You could wind up having disaster happen and end up in the hospital or even dead-not a good idea to play with your meds yourself.

  3. DZ DzooBaby

    My father has the same trouble. He has medicare but he has the "donut" hole and when he is in the donut hole, he has to pay full price for Lantus and it is unGodly expensive. He would love to only pay $70 but I know when you dont have the money, you dont have it even if it is 50 cents. My fathers Dr gives him samples when he falls in the hole so that he doesnt have to make a choice of trying to go without. Lantus is vital to your health. If you dont get your sugar under control you can wreck your body organs and you could die.

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