Why Do You Draw Up Short Acting Insulin First?

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How To Mix Insulin Clear To Cloudy

Learn how to mix insulin clear to cloudy. Drawing up and mixing insulin is a skill that nurses will utilize on the job. Insulin is administered to patients who have diabetes. These type of patients depend on insulin so their body can use glucose. Therefore, nurses must be familiar with how to mix insulin. The goal of this article is to teach you how to mix insulin. Below are a video demonstration and step-by-step instructions on how to do this. How to Mix Insulin Purpose of mixing insulin: To prevent having to give the patient two separate injections (hence better for the patient). Most commonly ordered insulin that are mixed: NPH (intermediate-acting) and Regular insulin (short-acting). Important Points to Keep in Mind: Never mix Insulin Glargine “Lantus” with any other type of insulin. Administer the dose within 5 to 10 minutes after drawing up because the regular insulin binds to the NPH and this decreases its action. Check the patient’s blood sugar and for signs and symptoms of hypoglycemia to ensure they aren’t hypoglycemic …if patient is hypoglycemic hold the dose and notify md for further orders. Key Concept for Mixing Insulin: Draw up CLEAR TO CLOUDY Remember the Continue reading >>

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  1. TheCommuter

    We draw up the clear insulin first due to the following rationale:
    1. Clear insulin will not significantly impact the action of cloudy insulin if we draw it up before drawing the cloudy insulin.
    2. On the other hand, even minute amounts of cloudy insulin will slow down the action of clear insulin if we draw the cloudy insulin first.
    3. The overarching point of drawing up 'clear before cloudy' is to prevent altering of the action of both insulins so they act as intended in our patients' bodies.

  2. Cell-Nurse

    Sorry, can you clarify this?
    They are going to mix in the syringe. How does drawing one up before the other impact the other at all when they are simply going to mix anyways?

  3. RNcali22

    I would think it's so that if you get any in the vial that will be used again you have less concerns when going clear to cloudy

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