Why Do Insulin Injections Hurt Sometimes

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10 Tips For A Fear Of Needles With Diabetes (+1 Bonus!)

back to Overview Tips & Tricks Type 1 It is what it is, right? When living with type 1 diabetes there's no getting around the jab of a needle. Whether it's from an insulin pen, a syringe or a pump infusion set, you have to do it. Ilka asked our team for tips on dealing with a fear of shots and needles, and here's what she found... For some, needles are no big deal. For others, each injection is a challenge to overcome – even after many years. The reasons are usually different, and no matter how necessary it is (we all know it, logically) who can criticize? Is there anything normal about stabbing yourself with a sharp metal object? I think not! We have a lot of diabetes experience here at mySugr, collectively more than 150 years under our belts. And who better to ask for tips and tricks for overcoming a fear of needles/needle phobia than a bunch of people living well with diabetes? 1. Injectors Clara: I didn’t do my own injections right away. The day where everything changed was when I watched another girl my age in the hospital do her own injection. I thought, “if she can do it, so can I!” But some time later I developed an “injection-crisis” again and used an injection Continue reading >>

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  1. JaxTerri

    I've been on insulin ~ 8 weeks and have gotten used to the daily injections. However, I don't understand why sometimes it stings quite a lot when the insulin enters my body. The shot doesn't hurt but the insulin stings but not all the time. I bolus 3 times daily with Apidra pen and Lantus at bedtime (2 shots in different parts of body to absorb the insulin better). Also when I run out of one vial in the middle of a shot I have to take an additional shot to complete the dosage Does anybody else have this problem. Current doses are Apidra 16/14/20 units and Lantus is 83 units.

  2. pjams

    Some people complain of stinging with insulin. Try a different location. I inject on side of my belly (where there is more fat) and I don't even feel the needle (31 Gauge Pen). The front or lower front of the belly is more sensitive. I guess that's why the docs use the hips or other fatty areas for shots. It is also possible that some people are more sensitive to insulin than others. I am a new user and don't have much experience.

  3. grace girl

    Lantus is well known to have a sting. I believe it's because it's acid based. If you will draw up your lantus and let it come to room temp before injecting, it will help.

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