Why Are Some Patients Of Diabetes Are Treated By Giving Injections Of Insulin?

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Reduction Of Blood Glucose Variability In Type 1 Diabetic Patients Treated By Pancreatic Islet Transplantation

Interest of continuous glucose monitoring Abstract OBJECTIVE—To compare the glycemic profiles of patients with type 1 diabetes treated with either an implantable insulin pump or pancreas or islet transplantation by the means of the continuous glucose monitoring system (CGMS; Minimed, Sylmar, CA). RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS—The CGMS enabled recording of subcutaneous glucose concentrations (range 2.2–22 mmol/l) over 72 h (288 measurements per day). Over 3 days, 26 patients with type 1 diabetes were connected to a CGMS: 10 patients were treated with intraperitoneal insulin infusion through an implantable pump (IPII), 9 patients were treated with simultaneous pancreas-kidney transplantation (SPK), and 7 patients were treated with pancreatic islet transplantation after kidney grafting (IAK). All SPK patients and four IAK patients were insulin independent, whereas three IAK patients had partial graft function and reduced exogenous insulin needs. Glucose control was evaluated by the mean glucose concentration, glucose variability, and the number and duration of hypoglycemic events (<3.3 mmol/l) over 3 days. RESULTS—The mean glucose concentration and the glucose variability in SPK Continue reading >>

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