Why Are Insulin Shots Given In The Stomach

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Insulin Injection Sites

Giving the injection Selecting the injection site There are 4 safe areas for insulin injections. Thighs: Top and outer areas only. Do not use the inner side or back of the thigh. Stay about 4 of the child’s finger widths away from the knee and groin. Upper arms: Fleshy area on the side and back of the arms. Avoid the muscle in the shoulder. Stay 3 to 4 finger widths away from the elbow. Abdomen: Right across the abdomen, from just below the ribcage to well below the belt line. Stay about 2 finger widths away from the navel. Buttocks: Fleshy area (i.e. pants pocket area). Insulin may be absorbed differently from one site than another. Absorption is most predictable when injections are given in the abdomen and buttocks. In general, insulin injected into the upper arms or thighs is not absorbed as predictably. Also, insulin injected over an exercising muscle may be absorbed more quickly. For that reason, it’s wise to avoid injecting into the arms or thighs of someone who’s planning heavy exercise involving these muscles. In other words, runners should avoid injecting into the thighs, rowers should avoid injecting into the arms, and so on. Injections are done in a pattern to avoi Continue reading >>

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  1. dechen

    Insulin shots help!

    Hi, Can anyone give me some insulin shots rotation tips? I am currently having 4 shots a day. I would normally do 1 shot (lantus) in the morning on my legs and 3 other shots (novorapid) on my tummy for the rest of the day. Just started one month ago and my tummy starting to hurt now when I do the shots. Can you guys tell me how do you organise your shots so that after 20 years I'll still be alright for insuling shots?Thanx.

  2. whisperwillow

    I take about 7 shots a day. I was diagnoised last August. I take the majority of my injections in the tummy. The reason is I had a tummy tuck so I am numb from the navel down. So, I don't feel it. Sometimes I give it in my arm but rarely in the thighs. I find that the insulin works faster given it in the stomach vs anywhere else. It is always best to rotate your injections. I do mine one time on the left side of my navel and then to the right side the next time. You could then give an injection in your arm or your thighs. Hope this helps. Just rotate your injections no matter where you give them at.

  3. karena

    Here's a pretty good picture of rotation sites:

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