Which Is The Fastest Acting Insulin?

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The Scoop On Novo's New Faster-acting Fiasp Insulin

There's a new ultra fast-acting insulin on the market internationally, and hopefully before long it will become available to us here in the U.S. too. You may have heard mention of FIASP, or Faster-Acting Insulin Aspart, that recently hit the market overseas and in Canada -- and been wondering what the deal is with this new super-fasting insulin. We put our ears to the ground to learn more about it, what PWDs (people with diabetes) who've started on this med are saying online, as well as what its manufacturer Novo Nordisk has to say about this new product that was just recently re-submitted to the FDA for consideration as a new type of medication. Here's what we've heard: Getting to Know FIASP What exactly is Faster-Acting Insulin Aspart? Remember, insulin aspart is the official scientific name for the synthetic insulin analog that sells under the brand Novolog here in the States and NovoRapid internationally. What's in a Name? OK, so maybe FIASP is not the most creative branding (sounds like a variety of wasps?), but the name certainly fits. Whether it will carry a new brand name here States when launched remains TBD. By Vial or Pen? Internationally, FIASP is available by vial, Pen Continue reading >>

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  1. ktbrodie

    I have recently switched from my minimed to Omnipod...I didnt think I would LOVE it as much as I do....Actually I forget sometimes that I am even diabetic! ANYWAYS...the cost of the Omnipod is so expensive...$580 per box of ten (last 30 days) that is with my insurance (have not reached my ded.)
    Any one know where or how to get the omnipod's cheaper ?!?!

  2. Kathryn10

    Wow that is super expensive. I thought I had it bad paying $500-$600 every 3 months for my Medtronic stuff ....

  3. jbmacomber

    wow, thats high. does your insurance require you only use preferred providers? I was trying to find cheaper mm products and that was a problem i ran
    into. good luck!

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