Which Insulin Is Basal?

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Voluntis Adds Toujeo To Basal Insulin Management App, With Eyes On More

When Voluntis launched its diabetes management app, it worked with two types of basal insulin. Now, the company has scored FDA clearance and a CE mark to add Sanofi’s higher-concentration Toujeo to the mix. The Insulia app earned twin U.S. and EU OKs in December 2016 to be used with Sanofi’s Lantus and Novo Nordisk’s Levemir. Designed for Type 2 diabetes patients who are treated with basal, or background, insulin, the Insulia app aims to help these patients meet their recommended blood glucose targets. The Insulia diabetes management companion comprises a mobile app for the patient and a web portal for his or her physician. The doctor prescribes insulin and creates an individualized treatment plan using the portal. The patient then receives insulin dose recommendations and coaching messages based on real-time blood glucose data. The new regulatory nods come just after Insulia’s U.S. launch and just ahead of its European debut. Voluntis is working to integrate all basal insulins and all GLP-1/basal insulin combos into Insulia. In March, Paris-based Voluntis expanded its partnership with Sanofi to run pilot programs based on the Insulia platform in North America and Europe. T Continue reading >>

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  1. MASSimino

    I am going to taper off Test Prop eventually and was told that i could use a 5/8 insulin needle in shoulder and would be fine as I lower the doses to an insulin needle amount

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    Yes, 1 ml = 100 IU. You might have a problem getting oil-based AAS through an insulin pin though.

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    Even if he takes his time and heats the oil first?

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