What Kind Of Insulin Is Levemir

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What Kind Of Diet Decreases The High Insulin Level In Your Blood?

Here are 6 steps that are proven effective for many patients with diabetes. When you eat carbohydrates, your body converts them into glucose—the sugar that serves as your body’s primary energy source. The hormone insulin helps move glucose into the cells. When you eat certain types of foods, your body must release more insulin, and high levels trigger your body to store excess glucose as fat rather than remove it through your urine. Because of this link, eating in a way that keeps blood sugar steady and reduces the amount of insulin produced can help in the battle to lose weight along with other healthy lifestyle choices such as increasing exercise and reducing calories. If you take insulin for your diabetes, a strong commitment to healthy choices might help you reduce dosages, reducing the unwanted side effect of weight gain. Step 1 Limit your intake of white-flour foods and foods high in white table sugar such as soda, cookies and candy. These types of carbohydrates break down very quickly in the body, leading to large spikes in glucose, which then trigger large amounts of insulin. Step 2 Add whole grains to your diet. Whole grains have retained the bran and germ, parts of th Continue reading >>

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  1. Subra Velu

    Insulin is a fat depositing hormone. The lower the insulin in circulation, the less chance of glucose being converted to triglycerides and deposited as fat around waist. Many people who follow Intermittent Fasting, use the technique of reduced insulin and eventually reduced weight. Regular fasting also enables fat to be used for energy, for which to happen insulin circulation must be very low. This is also the reason why 6 meals/snacks a day is not a healthy practice for those who want to lose fat because insulin will be in circulation 6 times and will prevent fat being used for energy source.

  2. Cathy van Miert

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