What Kind Of Insulin Do Dogs Take

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Insulin (humulin®, Iletin®, Vetsulin, Lantus®) For Dogs And Cats

Overview of Insulin for Dogs and Cats Insulin, commonly known as Humulin®, Iletin®, Vetsulin™ or Lantus®, is used to control blood sugar. Diabetes mellitus is a disorder of the pancreas characterized by insufficient production of insulin and high blood glucose (sugar). Insulin acts to move blood sugar into cells after eating, thereby lowering the blood glucose. Diabetes in dogs is typically of the type I variety, meaning there is an absolute lack of insulin. In many cats, as in people, diabetes mellitus is often of the type II variety. In type II diabetes, the cells are resistant to the effects of available insulin. The only effective treatments for type I diabetes in dogs and cats are appropriate diet, exercise and injections of insulin. Insulin is a hormone that is formed and released by beta cells residing in the pancreas. Eating prompts the release of insulin. When insulin is not produced in sufficient quantities, it can be administered in the form of an injection. There are various types of insulin treatments, each with a different duration of effectiveness. Most currently available insulin for injection is synthetic, but some types are derived from animals (bovine or por Continue reading >>

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    Hmm…. Let's do a few in human grammar and a few in fun ‘dog talk.’
    “My owner had my testicles removed without my consent. This was an extremely traumatic experience. Will dogs ever have the right to make decisions about their own bodies?”
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  3. Wendi Tibbets

    "As a Boxer, I think I may suffer from an identity crisis. I feel like I have a Chihuahua trapped inside my body just waiting to come out. What should I do?"
    I have always been on the "dainty" side of 80 lbs. I'm a very big boy who watches my other Boxer friends rolling in the mud, have drooling contests and laughing whenever they can produce the biggest, smelliest farts. When participating in these activities I feel I am merely the pantomime in an otherwise gesture life.
    On the other paw, my lady's best friend has a wonderful little Chihuahua called "Tiny" who is the coolest little dude I know. He is always clean. He doesn't like wallowing in the mud. He never drools. His manners are impeccable. When he passes wind you can barely hear it. It's a gentle, "Whoooooo" followed by the loveliest fragrance. It smells like chicken! He even wears the cutest clothes. Just like our people! He eats one single kibble at a time. I really try so hard to do the same but cannot contain myself. I get to number three then scarf down the rest. Sometimes it gives me "Boxer Belly." Sometimes I barf it right back out.
    Once, Lady stepped in it and yelled really loudly.
    It hurt my feelings.

    ​​​​I really want to be like him. I want to be like "Tiny". I try my best to make myself small and act like him. I crawl into Lady's lap for a snuggle but she pushes me off and pretends I am squishing her and I'm too heavy. This hurts my feelings.
    I'm just a little bitty doggie living inside a big doggie body, afterall. I can't escape my body and I can't escape my mind. Any trolls who wish to pick on me: I have a bone to pick with you. I don't need your negative comments. Any other comments more than welcome. Afterall....it's a dog eat dog world out here.
    I'm just trying to get by.

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