What Is Basal Plus Insulin Regimen?

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Use Of A Basal-plus Insulin Regimen In Persons With Type 2 Diabetes Stratified By Age And Body Mass Index: A Pooled Analysis Of Four Clinical Trials.

Abstract AIMS: To evaluate the efficacy and safety of adding a single bolus dose of insulin glulisine to basal insulin ('basal-plus') in persons with type 2 diabetes. METHODS: Data from patients with poor glycemic control on oral antihyperglycemic drugs who were initiated on a 'basal-plus' regimen for up to 6 months were pooled from four randomized, multicenter studies. Glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c), fasting blood glucose, postprandial glucose (PPG), insulin dose and demographics were measured at baseline and end of study. RESULTS: 711 patients with a mean age of 59.9 years and a mean duration of diabetes of 11.0 years were included in the analysis population. A 'basal-plus' regimen was associated with significant decreases in HbA1c and PPG at 6 months, an increase in glargine and glulisine doses and small, but statistically significant, changes in body weight and BMI in all patient subsets. The proportion of patients with HbA1c<7% also increased in all populations studied, while the prevalence of severe hypoglycemia was low and did not significantly differ across patient groups. CONCLUSIONS: These results suggest that the use of 'basal-plus' can achieve a good therapeutic response w Continue reading >>

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  1. PH pharmd06

    Does Metformin cause diarrhea and if so, will it go away?

    I just started taking Metformin for PCOS. I am have a great deal of diarrhea. Will this ever go away? I don't want to spend my life in the bathroom. Also, has anyone had weight loss with this med?

  2. amykupstas

    I am curious if you're still taking this med and if the symptoms are the same. I just started taking Metformin ER 1500mg (one in the a.m. and two with dinner), for PCOS. I find that if I do not eat something soon enough after taking morning dose or with milk that I get terrible diarrhea and sometimes pass the pill whole. Kind of disturbing but have only passed it 3 times since I started it 5-6 weeks ago. I have experienced weight loss, 8.6 pounds in 5 weeks. That I like since weight is a prob for me. Hope you're doing well now!

  3. VI vikki45

    I have type 2 Diabetes and is currently taking 750mg of Metformin in the beginning i had a lot of gas and it dilapidated and it did cause weight gain for me as well but once my body adjusted to it the weight came back off but now i have diarrhea that comes and goes so yes it will go away , but may come back from time to time i have been on it for almost a year now and my diabetes are finally under control and of course diet helps to , hope this help you all out good look to all vikki
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    SH sharonwilliams 7 Jul 2013
    Im type2 since 2004, everyboey suffers different side affects from taking metformin. Myself i get diaria, when i first started on them for about two weeks then i get normal. But when ever i go a period of time (weeks) without them and start back then the side affects take place again.
    JE Jesabel 10 Jul 2013
    The diarrhea is your body getting rid of all the extra sugars your body doesn't need. That is why you will notice that it starts off pretty rough but gets better in time. Also, any time you eat something not so wonderful for you, you will get a few moments with the best room in the house... the one with the toilet. I have been on it for a month and after a week and a half of slowly upping my dose the diarrhea ceased and now as long as I control my diet and eat regularly I don't have a problem.
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