What Is A Unit Of Insulin?

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Exercise And Insulin Requirements.

Abstract In order to facilitate the management of sports and work for insulin injecting diabetic patients we analyzed 6 different situations: 1) In the morning before injecting insulin stepwise increasing bicycle ergometry until exhaustion with a duration of less than one half hour may be performed without previous reduction of insulin or additional oral carbohydrates. Maximal work load can thus be determined with ECG monitoring. After insulin injection we advise our patients to estimate their reaction by calculating with exercise units. One exercise unit equals 20 minutes of half maximal exercise or one hour of 30% maximal exercise. 2) Performing one exercise unit the diabetic will have to anticipate a blood glucose reduction of -60 mg/dl. In order to maintain normal blood glucose levels he will have to reduce the regular insulin bolus 3) in the morning by -3,3 IU or 4) by -1.7 IU in the evening or he should 5) take +12 g of oral glucose (quickly absorbable carbohydrates). 6) A reduction of basal rate (CSII) or NPH insulin (ICT) is not advisable for exercise up to 3 hours. On the basis of these mean values every diabetic patient has to monitor blood glucose during exercise and ada Continue reading >>

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  1. Geoff

    Definition of 1 unit of Rapid Insulin

    This is a bit of general info I came across today.
    Insulin is measured in units, abbreviated U
    (international units, previously abbreviated IU).
    One unit of insulin is defined as the amount of
    insulin that will lower the blood glucose of a
    healthy 2 kg (4.4 lb) rabbit that has fasted for
    24 hours to 2.5 mmol/l (45 mg/dl) within 5
    Not a lot of people know that!

  2. Spike

    (from: http://www.healthtouch.com/bin/ECont...IN+&cid=HTHLTH)
    How is insulin measured?
    Insulin is measured in units. Insulin is available in "U100" or "U500". U100 is the most common type of insulin. It has 100 units of insulin in 1 mL of solution. You must inject U100 insulin with U100 syringes.

    U500 insulin has 500 units of insulin in 1 mL. This type of insulin is rarely used, and mainly for people who are insulin-resistant. Insulin resistance is a condition where a person's body cannot respond to and use insulin as it should. A special type of syringe is needed for U500 insulin.

  3. RuleBritannia

    Well thats good for 2kg rabbits :P lets go give them hypos

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