What Insulin Resistance

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Nine Things That Improve Insulin Sensitivity: Accelerate Fat Loss & Build Muscle Faster!

Insulin sensitivity is SO important for fat loss because when you are insulin resistant, the body is much more likely to store the food you eat as fat. Insulin resistance also produces inflammation in the body, causing a whole bunch of health problems that any sane person wouldn’t want to deal with. Besides making it nearly impossible to lose significant amounts of body fat or pack on muscle, poor insulin sensitivity has all of the following negative effects: • It reduces athletic performance. • It inhibits sleep and makes you tired. • It slows recovery from training or injury. • Muscle soreness and pain are more severe. • It leads to diabetes if you don’t fix it. • It raises triglycerides and increases heart disease risk • It leads to a boatload of other health problems—you’ve heard the misery suffered by diabetics (sleep apnea, nerve problems, gut issues, eye and feet problems, and so on). Don’t worry! There are simple everyday things you can do to improve insulin sensitivity and optimize everything about your life. This article will give you a quick run-down on how insulin works and what you can do NOW to improve it. What Insulin Is & Why It Matters Insul Continue reading >>

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  1. Ron Hunter

    A lot of it seems to be fat cells possibly being the start. I’m not certain that the exact mechanisms are known. There are links between fat cells being able to expand (fat wise) but also links between inflammation in fat cells. The main protein that works with insulin in the body, GLUT4, works in fat cells and muscle cells. There are also links between where and what type of fat is in the body and insulin resistance. In addition, fat cells also secrete things like cytokines that may play a role.

  2. Steve Kirsch

    The reason you are insulin resistant because you are drowning your body in blood sugar for most of the day forcing insulin to be pumped out all the time in high doses and sometimes in very large spikes (like for addressing refined carbs).

  3. Patrick Ira DonEgan

    One of the main things not usually discussed is the levels of certain solvents that enter the human body and how they are related to health.

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