What Does An Insulin Pump Look Like

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What Is Insulin Pump Therapy?

Through the following simple questions and related answers, you can get an understanding of what an insulin pump is and how insulin pump therapy works, helping you keep your glucose levels under control whilst maintaining your lifestyle. What is a pump and how does it work? An insulin pump is a small electronic device, about the size of a mobile phone. It can be easily carried on a belt, inside a pocket, or even attached to a bra thus becoming virtually invisible to others and allowing a very discreet therapy. The pump can help you more closely mimic the way a healthy pancreas functions. The pump, through a Continuous Subcutaneous Insulin Infusion (CSII), replaces the need for frequent injections by delivering precise doses of rapid-acting insulin 24 hours a day to closely match your body's needs. Basal Rate: A programmed insulin rate made of small amounts of insulin delivered continuously mimics the basal insulin production by the pancreas for normal functions of the body (not including food). The programmed rate is determined by your healthcare professional based on your personal needs. This basal rate delivery can also be customised according to your specific daily needs. For ex Continue reading >>

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  1. mmaderas

    Humalog vs Novolog

    Hi everyone. My son is a pump user. A few months ago my insurance company notified me that they are no longer covering Humalog. So Novolog has been the insulin of their choosing. My son doesn't seem to do well on it. Over the last 2 months he had 2 severe lows which caused a seizure both times. To me it seems like Novolog works so much faster compared to Humalog and while the Dr has decreased his basal rate from 1.6 down to 1.35 and now down to 1.00 he is still having lows below 60. I'm terribly concerned and get little to no sleep checking his BS every hour once he's gone to bed. Anyone else have this?

  2. Shalynne

    I hope some pumpers come along soon with real info.
    I'm a syringe-and-vial person, myself, but I've used both Novolog and Humalog and, yes, Humalog is a tad less powerful.
    Humalog, in fact, is cheaper than Novolog in most regions. Switches from one to the other are common ... but this is the reverse of the usual.
    Please pardon a couple of questions. They might help the group help you:
    -- How old is your son?
    -- Is he on Humalog only, or is he on a basal insulin as well?
    Hope you find answers ASAP!

  3. mmaderas

    He is 16 years old and only on Novolog

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