Type 1 Diabetes Treatment

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Treating Type I Diabetes

- [Voiceover] Since type one diabetes is caused by autoimmune destruction of the pancreas, that results in an absolute deficiency of insulin, it makes sense that the treatment of type one diabetes is to give insulin. Now, this is true, but unfortunately it's not quite that simple. So let's talk about treating type one diabetes. And before we get into the specifics of the treatment, let's first briefly review some of the metabolic states in the human body. And there are two general states. You have the absorptive state in which the body takes energy and stores it and you have the post-absorptive state, in which the body takes this stored energy from the absorptive state and utilizes it. Now this absorptive state here is driven by the hormone insulin. Whereas the post-absorptive state is driven by the hormone glucagon. Now throughout the day, the human body will typically fluctuate back and forth between this absorptive state and this post-absorptive state. So to get a better understanding of how this looks, let's draw what I'll call a physiologic timeline. And let's just bring in a graph here to help describe this timeline. Now down here on this x-axis we'll have the time of the day Continue reading >>

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  1. zlpatnegam


    Here's a helpful resource for insulin pump infusion sites (imgur.com)
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  2. takes22tango

    Does anyone actually put pump sites directly or below their belly button? Seems strange to me. I feel like this diagram may be more helpful for injection rotations.
    OP, pump sites can basically go anywhere you've got a little fat. (and is comfortable) I use the sides of my abdomen, the top of my hip/butt, and the thighs mostly. Some people use the back of their arms. It's a good idea to rotate between body parts to avoid lipohypertrophy. Abdomen is nice, but after a few years of pumping the tissues become too damaged if you don't give them time to heal between sets.
    Edit: lIpohypertrophy, not lypo. Apologies.

  3. cat_attack_

    Yeah no way I would ever go directly above or below the belly button.

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