Traveling With Insulin How To Keep It Cool

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The Frio Insulin Cooling Wallet Keeps Your Insulin Cool Without Ice Packs!

Why you might need it Traveling in the summer or winter can present challenges for maintaining medications such as insulin or EpiPens. Leaving your medication unprotected from heat in a car on a sunny day or getting lost while hiking could prove to be a disaster. Power outages that occur when outside temperatures are hot or cold can also present a challenge to maintain the viability of medications. Even worse, an extended power outage for days, weeks, or longer could occur if caused by an natural disaster or unexpected Doomsday scenario. The Frio is a cooling case that could be very beneficial in any of these situations. Just ask former Amazing Race winner Nat Strand, a Type 1 diabetic, that used a Frio on her journey around the world. Click here to read her story: Nat Strand's Amazing Race. Even if you are perfectly healthy, if you are stocking a medical kit as a prepper or survivalist, having a Frio could be helpful for others in your network who have medications and medical conditions such as diabetes, but they are unprepared. It can be a challenge keeping insulin vials or pens and other medications such as EpiPens at the correct temperature so that they are viable when needed. Continue reading >>

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  1. DeborahAnn

    One of my travel friends now has to take nightly eye drops which require refrigeration. She is concerned about keeping it refrigerated on those travel days which combine both long flights and then travel by train or car. I'd like to know how others have solved this problem or do you modify your travels to suit your medical needs. Just wondering if we now will have to find hotels that have mini bars rather than our usual charmingly quirky two star hotels without Thanks for any suggestions I can give her. Deborah

  2. crefloors

    Could she maybe pack it in a plastic bag with that "blue ice" stuff and put in her carryon?

  3. Dejais

    I am an insulin-dependent diabetic. When I travel I use the gel ice packs that fit inside my insulin carrying case for long flights. Most people are very accomodating and will help you regarding freezing the packs for you if you do not have an in-room frig. I also always keep a lot of ziplocs handy and put my meds in a ziploc and then put them in another ziploc with ice if nothing else is available.
    Lastly, I never ever put my meds in my luggage or carryon. I always keep them in my handbag. This way I know they are with me and only I am responsible for their safekeeping.
    Hope this helps.

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