Tandem Insulin Pump Reviews

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Newsflash: Tandem Diabetes Announces Next-gen Tech And Upgrade Program

If you’ve been considering a new Tandem t:slim insulin pump, this may be your moment to move -- on ordering the next-generation device that can be remotely updated from home just like a smartphone. The California company announced last week (on 10/4/16) that it will begin shipping its new t:slim X2 model at the end of this month. This launch comes a little more than two months after FDA approval of the new device, which is designed to be the future platform for all Tandem insulin pumps. The X2 looks and feels mostly the same as the earlier generation of t:slim touchscreen pumps but with three key differences: it has a new anodized housing with satin finish; includes an advanced Bluetooth-enabled receiver allowing for Dexcom G5-compatibly, and most likely compatibility with future Dexcom models; and it's designed to be compatible with the new Tandem Device Updater, that lets users update the device software from home. This remote updating feature is an industry-first for diabetes devices! It means a break with the traditional path of being locked in to the capabilities of your chosen pump model for 2-3 years at a time, dictated by warranties and insurance coverage. Instead, patien Continue reading >>

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  1. spakesneaker

    What does it mean if, in a blood test, insulin is high but glucose levels are normal? Doesn't this mean that a person's cells might be resistant to insulin?
    I ask because I had an extremely frustrating doctor's appointment today where the doctor looked over my blood test results from a few years ago when I was diagnosed as PCOS and insulin resistant. She said that because my glucose levels are normal (and I don't have problems with blood pressure or triglycerides), I don't have insulin resistance--she also said that fasting insulin is meaningless as a test, and that it doesn't really tell us anything medically.
    I know that my glucose levels are normal, but I have no idea what my base insulin levels are like these days (although I'm sure that with primal they're a lot better than they used to be), because doctors don't seem to find it a valuable test to run on someone who previously had ridiculously high insulin levels.
    WTF?? Someone please explain this to me. Did I just go to an incredibly stupid doctor, who won't recommend any treatment other than "continue losing weight, and eat more fruits and vegetables" unless a patient's hyperinsulinemia progresses to type 2 diabetes??

  2. AndreaReina

    Have they done a glucose tolerance test (drink a glucose solution, see how long it takes for BS to fall)? If both fasting glucose and glucose tolerance show good results I imagine you should be fine, since the problem with insulin resistance is that it results in chronically elevated BS. I don't really know what an insulin test would show independently of glucose, but this isn't something I've researched a lot, sorry.

  3. O_O

    Did your doctor do a HbA1C and a fasting glucose test?

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