Short Acting Insulin

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Short-acting Insulin

Rizvi (9) presents a concise review of the modern approach to treating type 2 diabetes, characterized by aggressive use of multi-oral-drug regimens early in the disease process and, when needed, the use of very long-acting insulin supplemented by very short-acting insulin to mimic the natural insulin secretion of the pancreas. When the ability to maintain control with oral agents during the day is lost, control can be achieved with two injections of mixed insulin in the morning and at dinnertime; or injection of a short-acting insulin before each meal with the basal insulin provided by glargine. Lantus can be used in patients who are candidates for an overnight dose of NPH or ultralente, in combination with regular insulin or the more rapidly acting Humalog (lispro insulin) before meals in type 1 diabetics, and with short-acting insulin or oral agents in type 2 diabetics, he advised. Continue reading >>

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  1. semanticistZombie

    Hi all,
    I'll have a flight that'll take some time between 17-24 hours(haven't bought the ticket yet so can't say exact time, this is the range of all possible flights) and I'm using Humalog + Lantus pens. I know there are fridges in planes but there will be a lot of time spent in airports so they probably get hot anyways. I was wondering if anyone here did that before and how did it go. I have a special bug for this purpose but it sucks, I once drove for 12 hours and after 6-7 hours insulins were at room temperature in that bag.
    Any comments would be really appreciated. This flight is making me extremely stressful because of this problem with insulins.
    EDIT: Amazing!! Thanks for all the responses. I'm really relaxed now because apparently it's not really a huge deal!

  2. RealNotFake

    Insulin doesn't go bad if it isn't refrigerated. It goes bad when it's subjected to heat (such as leaving it in the car on a sunny day) or the extreme cold. You won't have any problems taking it on the flight as long as you keep it out of the sun/heat. This info came straight from my doctor and pharmacist. I don't even bother putting my insulin in fridges when I travel anymore if one isn't provided, I just make sure to leave it in the hotel room in a cool place with no sun.

  3. smallteam

    This matches my personal experience, and what I've read in this forum over the last year or two. Room temperature is okay; extremes in temperature aren't. And about hotels, having had insulin frozen and ruined by too-cold hotel mini-refrigerators, I generally avoid them.

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