Short Acting Insulin

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Short-acting Insulin

Rizvi (9) presents a concise review of the modern approach to treating type 2 diabetes, characterized by aggressive use of multi-oral-drug regimens early in the disease process and, when needed, the use of very long-acting insulin supplemented by very short-acting insulin to mimic the natural insulin secretion of the pancreas. When the ability to maintain control with oral agents during the day is lost, control can be achieved with two injections of mixed insulin in the morning and at dinnertime; or injection of a short-acting insulin before each meal with the basal insulin provided by glargine. Lantus can be used in patients who are candidates for an overnight dose of NPH or ultralente, in combination with regular insulin or the more rapidly acting Humalog (lispro insulin) before meals in type 1 diabetics, and with short-acting insulin or oral agents in type 2 diabetics, he advised. Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. celina10

    Why are the target cells for insulin the hepatocytes, muscle and brain cells, whilst the target cells for insulin is just the hepatocytes? I mean why is it different for these two hormones?

  2. seamuskatt

    typo in your post?
    maybe your book over simplifies it

  3. celina10

    (Original post by seamuskatt)
    typo in your post?
    maybe your book over simplifies it
    Glycogen and insulin both target all 3
    …see more No in my book when in talks about insulin it says that the target cells are the hepatocytes, muscle cells, brain and etc. But when it talks about glucagon it only mentions the target cell as being the hepatocytes.

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