Pros And Cons Of Insulin Injections

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Pro’s And Con’s Of The Early Use Of Insulin In The Management Of Type 2 Diabetes: A Clinical Evaluation

Go to: Abstract Recently, there have been increasing calls for insulin to be used as the initial treatment of type 2 diabetes, and if not then, soon after its onset. The underlying reason given is that insulin will slow apoptosis of pancreatic β-cells which is increased in type 2 diabetes. This review will examine the clinical evidence supporting this recommendation. Several observational studies in which newly diagnosed type 2 diabetic patients are intensively treated for a short time with insulin which is then stopped have shown that approximately half of these patients retain good control without pharmacological therapy for up to a year. However, Hb A1c levels in patients who have to be started on oral anti-diabetic drugs (OAD) are similar to the values in those who do not. Hb A1c levels are similar in patients randomized to initial therapy with insulin or OAD. There is no clinical evidence yet for an effect of insulin on β-cell apoptosis. The primary goal is to achieve and maintain Hb A1c levels of <7.0%. Given the extra demands on both patients and physicians when starting insulin compared to OAD and the many subsequent years in which patients have diabetes, the arguments fo Continue reading >>

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  1. elaine123

    injection sites

    Please could anyone tell me the best places to inject my insulin.I was told by the diabetes nurse the outside of the thighs was a good place but then the leaflet that came with the insulin said the front of your thighs . It also said do not inject into muscle or veins but how do you know where these are or am I just being thick.

  2. Robert10

    I think the stomach fat is least sensitive. Thigh is OK if you keep out of the muscle tissue.

  3. sofaraway

    this is a fairly good picture
    i always use my thighs for my lantus and novorapid is usually in my arms occasionaly in my stomach

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