Pros And Cons Of Insulin Injections

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Pros And Cons Of Insulin Pumps

Insulin Pumps Pros and Cons All you need to know Local experts say the diet. Nowadays, there are so many different diet trends popping up that it can be hard to keep track of what. If you believe its avid fans. Loss tactic and a means of coping with certain health issues. Ll likely find mixed reviews. Is a great way to detox the body, prevent disease and lose weight. When the humans started harnessing the. Many human genetic engineering pros and cons are there that have stayed the same since its introduction to humanity. On Sep 28, Christoph Schimmer published. The pros and cons of intensive insulin therapy. The CDC estimates that in adults in the. Any thoughts on sliding scale for personal training, what What are the advantages and disadvantages of switching to an insulin pump rather than continuing with multiple daily injections. This is all the diet information you need to overcome insulin resistance and get healthy again. About half of my diabetic life has been spent on the pump and the other half using insulin shots. Weighing the pros and cons. The insulin pump versus the syringe. Insulin pumps are usually used. Pump Therapy Pros And Cons nursing interventions for. United Stat Continue reading >>

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  1. tiktok2

    I was on 500 mg Metformin ER since Sept 2013. Never seemed to do much, but I figured it wasn't hurting anything to take it.
    It did cause my stomach to be a little flip-floppy if I was hungry for about 3 months, then that settled down.
    Was taking 2 500 mg pills but spaced out, one at dinner, one at bedtime, but not every night if I fell asleep before I took my pill.
    But that too didn't seem to be doing much, so my GP and I decided that I should try 3 500 mg pills.
    I was to take 2 at dinner and then 1 at lunch. I started with the 2 at dinner.
    But my stomach has been a "flip-floppy mess"; it took a few days for that to happen so I didn't realize that was what was happening;
    to the point that one night I swore I had tried to give myself food poisoning.
    But the more days I took the two, the worse it became.
    Its possible something else is going on, though I hope not, as that would be a worse scenario.
    So, tonight I took zero. I'll give it a day or two and then go back to 1. Then I'll go back to 2, but 12 hours apart.
    Then see if I can do 3, 8 hours apart.
    I never did the regular metformin. I started with the metformin ER, as I have an inflammatory arthritis that causes gastritis and inflamed bowel,
    though since I've eliminated the cow dairy that I was allergic / sensitive to, and have been on Humira for a few years,
    my stomach has been nearly perfect.
    But I've also learned in my lifetime that if something has the potential to mess with the GI tract, there is an excellent chance that it will mess with mine.
    I'd like to hear your experiences if you had challenges taking metformin ER, and if you found methods that worked bettter than other methods in taking it.
    I'm still optimistic that I can worked this out.

  2. ShirlAgn

    I only take the regular metformin, but always with food in my stomach. But, is there a chance you are getting the flu? I don't have it, but I hear this stomach flu is lasting quite awhile.

  3. living_laughing

    What is the max dosage for Metformin ER? I thought Met maxed out at 2500mg, but not sure about the ER varitey. Could it be the medicine at 3500mg is just too strong?
    If I thought the meds were making me sick, then I would be very cautious and back off them. Too much meds can cause just as many problems as too little. TikTok, I hope you will call your doc soon and tell him/her your symptoms since starting the new regimine and I hope you will find some relief soon.

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