Omnipod Insulin Pump Mri Safety

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Exhibit 99.1

Item 1. Business Overview We are primarily engaged in the development, manufacturing and sale of our proprietary OmniPod Insulin Management System (the “OmniPod System”), an innovative, discreet and easy-to-use continuous insulin delivery system for people with insulin-dependent diabetes. The OmniPod System features a small, lightweight, self-adhesive disposable tubeless OmniPod device which is worn on the body for approximately three days at a time and its wireless companion, the handheld Personal Diabetes Manager (“PDM”). Conventional insulin pumps require people with insulin-dependent diabetes to learn to use, manage and wear a number of cumbersome components, including up to 42 inches of tubing. In contrast, the OmniPod System features only two discreet, easy-to-use devices that eliminate the need for a bulky pump, tubing and separate blood glucose meter, provides for virtually pain-free automated cannula insertion, communicates wirelessly and integrates a blood glucose meter. We believe that the OmniPod System’s unique proprietary design and features allow people with insulin-dependent diabetes to manage their diabetes with unprecedented freedom, comfort, convenience Continue reading >>

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  1. LizzieNI

    Sorry for the dramatic headline. I know everyone gets those little bleeds into their infusion set cannula when they hit a capillary. But the problem I'm having is quite different.
    Twice now, when a new cannula has been extremely painful to insert - and stayed painful; the cannula is completely clear and looks normal- I've then removed it and like a dam bursting a flow of blood has emerged. Enough blood to run down my legs. It stops with pressure applied to the site - like an injury. But it leaves a painful blue lump of a bruise. This second time it has stayed very painful for a long time - my pharmacist gave me lidocaine cream for it.
    I'm not on any blood thinners and never had any bleeding issues previously. I've only been on the pump 5 months and this has happened twice in the last 6 weeks.
    Upon contacting my pump clinic they don't know what it is. The AccuChek Aviva rep says it can happen when capillaries are more open from a shower - I didn't change the cannula at a showering time. The pharmacist said it may be a little tissue has been caught by the cannula which then stops the flow of blood, building pressure which translates as pain. This is then released when the cannula is removed. DSN says it might be, but they don't know.
    I see on this forum discussions of the cannula bleed being solved by using the angled infusion sets. The Accuchek rep did advise me to change to their angled infusion set Tenderlink - but it doesn't have an insertion device.
    I saw the mention of the Tandem Cleo which does have an insertion device, but I'm guessing it's not on the NHS - yet to find out.
    Has anyone had anything similar happen to them? Feeling weird that pump clinic are stumped....
    PS. this is happening on my tummy.

  2. Pasha

    Are you blood platlets within specification ?

  3. LizzieNI

    Pasha said: ↑
    Are you blood platlets within specification ? I don't even know how I would know that. Assumed everything was normal...

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