Low Blood Sugar During Period

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High Blood Sugar & Your Period

Okay. This shouldnt still be a problem for me. Ive had diabetes for 23 years, I am 36 years old but I still struggle every time I get my period. I need advice. My cycle has never been regular, so I start guessing about 2 weeks before I get my period, is my blood sugar running high because Im about to get my period? Does this sound familiar to anyone? By the time I finally do get my period, my blood sugar goes back to normal and I dont have to guess any more, but those 2 weeks exhaust me and the high blood sugars that happen every time are really frustrating. Has ayone talked to their dr. about the birth control that makes you not get your period? I think its called seasonal or something? If I could eliminate the ups and downs of my blood sugar prior to getting my period, it would make my life so much easier! Or, does anyone have a good birth control pill that they can reccommend specifically for women with diabetes? Am I the only one who gets out of whack every month? AmyYou might have solved your own problemusing one form of the pill or another sounds brilliant. I was always regular until recentlymenopause or perimenopause or whateverraging hormones have me unable to anticipate t Continue reading >>

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  1. thunderchild

    I have an insulin pen with about 60 units of Humalog in it that won't work. I had to put a syringe in the rubber tip and pull the insulin into it. Has anyone else had this to happen?

  2. Twlvstppr

    Call your pharmacy or even Eli-Lilly and tell them what happened. I had a pen jam on me once but since it only had 30 units in it, I just trashed it. When I mentioned it to my pharmacist, she gave me a voucher for a new pen. Chances are that you will be able to get a replacement. I've been using pens for a long time and that has only happened to me once. If you still have the pen, Eli-Lilly may want you to send it to them. What they did for me was send me a replacement and with it was a SASE. I put the defective pen in it and mailed it off. They were really nice about it and very apologetic. It's bound to happen but I don't think that defective pens are common.

  3. wambo

    One posibility is that there was a problem with the pen needle which prevented you from drawing the insulin from the storage end of the pen to the business end of the needle.

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