Long Term Effects Of Insulin Therapy

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Impact Of Long-term Complications On Quality Of Life In Patients With Type 2 Diabetes Not Using Insulin - Sciencedirect

Volume 4, Issue 5 , SeptemberOctober 2001, Pages 392-400 Impact of Long-Term Complications on Quality of Life in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes not Using Insulin Author links open overlay panel AdamLloydMPhila The complications of diabetes have the potential to greatly impact the health-related quality of life (HRQOL) of patients with type 2 diabetes. The effect of diabetic complications on HRQOL was assessed in 1233 patients with type 2 diabetes who were not using insulin. Patients were aged 35 and older and had stable fasting serum glucose (FSG) after washout of antidiabetic therapy. Patients who required insulin or suffered from severe cardiovascular or hepatic disease, neuropathy, or retinopathy were excluded. Patients completed the SF-36 generic quality of life questionnaire. Demographic data, including body mass index (BMI), blood glucose hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c), FSG, and the presence and severity of eight specified diabetic complications were also collected. A linear regression analysis was performed for each of the SF-36 domains and for the physical and mental health summary scales. The most prevalent diabetic complications were hypertension (46% of patients), peripheral sen Continue reading >>

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  1. tbombz

    on several other boards and primarily european bodybuildign boards, long acting insulin is often discussed.
    with test gh igf protein carbs etc etc...we want elevated levels 24 hours a day.
    why use humalog, which only elevates insulin for a few hours?
    the idea is it is safer to control blood sugar that way
    however that only remains true if long acting insulin can cause hypoglycemia...
    but through anecdotal and scientific evidence alike, it seems that non diabetics can use 24 hour insulin at pretty high doses and never have any blood sugar issues and never have to worry about going hypo.
    more on this later, im at the library and my time on the computer uis running out.

  2. dustin

    I've seen this on the European boards as well. All those cats are all about the long acting insulin. Some use both and cram in their carbs in the morning.
    I don't know why, but I'm scared to use long acting insulin. I just like the fact that with Humalog any hypoglycemic bouts can be eliminated quickly. As soon as I feel the onset of being hypo, just bang back a little carbs until it levels off.
    If you happen to use Lantus or any other longer acting insulin, please post your results, man.

  3. tbombz

    I have read several posts from people who have shared their results, some naturals who used insulin alone at lower end of the doseage s[pectrum report 5-10 lb muscle gain in a month or two.
    the main thing with long acting insulin... it works 24 hours of the day, keeping protein break down very minimal, reducing the demand for protein(making your normal protein intake excessive..and excessive protein intake might be helpful), slightly boosting protein buildup, and elevating metabolism.
    because of its slow onset and low serum totals, the body has splenty of time to adjust gluconeogensis to match the reduction in blood sugar.. so one shouldnt ever encounter blood glucose issues.
    according to one poster on rxmuscle, who seems to be the authority on this subject matter, lantus insulin binds to igf-1 receptors ten times better than normal insulin. and it can be used in the 50-100iu per day range safely(safety meaning no hypoglycemia).

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