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Lantus Insulin Vs. Novolin N

Diabetes is a condition in which a person's blood sugar level is higher than normal. Novolin N and Lantus are types of insulin used to keep blood sugar within normal limits. Classification Lantus and Novolin N are classified therapeutically as antidiabetics or hormones. Their pharmacologic classification is pancreatics. Action Both medications lower blood sugar levels by stimulating absorption of glucose in skeletal muscle and fat. They also inhibit the production of glucose in the liver. Onset Novolin N is an intermediate-acting insulin that starts acting in from one to four hours after being taken. Lantus is a long-acting insulin that starts acting in from one to 10 hours after being injected. Peak The peak time of an insulin is the time during which the blood sugar is most affected. The peak time for Novolin N is four to 12 hours after administration. Lantus does not have a peak time because it is released at a constant rate. Duration Novolin N lasts for from 12 to 18 hours, while Lantus has a duration of up to 24 hours. Continue reading >>

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  1. Celticannie

    Hello there
    Am a newbie here and am feeling very upset and rather overwhelmed -- my cat, Barnsley, has just been diagnosed with diabetes. My vet has prescribed 2 injections of Lantus insulin per day, 2 units at a time -- that is 4 units a day in total. I am horrified to find that Lantus seems only to be available in 10 ml vials at a cost of around $300 minimum -- and that's mail order, not from a local pharmacy! As I understand it, 10 ml equates to 1,000 units -- is that correct? But our pharmacist tells us that, once started, a vial is only okay for 28 days (information I see this site seems to agree with). 28 days at 4 units per day is 112 units -- and that's the total amount we could use from a vial -- that is, we would be forced to throw nearly nine tenths of it away! Have I understood this correctly? Why is it not available in smaller vials? (I see there are pens with 3 ml, but these looked to me like they are designed for single use only -- is this correct? Am I really going to have to pay $300 per month every month just for insulin -- and throw most of it away?! Help!

  2. BJM

    Welcome to FDMB.
    Feeding low carb over the counter canned may reduce the glucose by 100-200 mg/dL and thus reduce the amount of insulin needed or possibly help your cat become diet-controlled. What are you currently feeding?
    Also, vet stress at the office may raise glucose 100-180 mg/dL and vets often forget that.
    Many of our members order from Mark's Marine - have your vet fax the Rx there - it is about 1/3 the US cost. Get the pens - we use them like a mini-vial and use a syringe to withdraw the insulin, not the pen needles.
    We use it longer than 28 days, up to 6 months, by keeping it refrigerated on a stationary shelf.
    A starting dose of 2 units may be too high; many cats start on 1 unit. How much does your cat weigh?

  3. Chris & China

    As BJM has said, a LOT of us are buying our Lantus from Canada because it's 1/3rd the cost it is here in the states.
    With the pens, you just use regular insulin syringes and pull the insulin out of the pen.....Each pen holds 300 units (100 units per mL)
    Here's all the information on Marks in Canada, including prices and shipping info

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