Is Metformin Used For Insulin Resistance?

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Effects Of Metformin On Insulin Resistance And Metabolic Disorders Intumor-bearing Rats With Advanced Cachexia.

1. Can J Physiol Pharmacol. 2018 Jan 5:1-8. doi: 10.1139/cjpp-2017-0171. [Epub aheadof print] Effects of metformin on insulin resistance and metabolic disorders intumor-bearing rats with advanced cachexia. de Fatima Silva F(1), Ortiz-Silva M(1), Galia WBS(1), Cassolla P(1), da SilvaFG(2), Graciano MFR(1), Carpinelli AR(2), de Souza HM(1). (1)a Department of Physiological Sciences, State University of Londrina, 86051-990, Londrina, PR, Brazil. (2)b Department of Physiology and Biophysics, University of So Paulo, 05508-900, So Paulo, SP, Brazil. Metformin (MET) is widely used in the correction of insulin (INS) resistance and metabolic abnormalities in type 2 diabetes. However, its effect on INS resistanceand metabolic disorders associated with cancer cachexia is not established. Weinvestigated the MET effects, isolated or associated with INS, on INS resistance and metabolic changes induced by Walker-256 tumor in rats with advanced cachexia.MET (500 mgkg-1, oral) and MET + INS (1.0 IUkg-1, s.c.) were administered for12 days, starting on the day of tumor cell inoculation. Tumor-bearing rats showedadipose and muscle mass wasting, body mass loss, anorexia, decreased Aktphosphorylation i Continue reading >>

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  1. kalimalynne

    Insulin Resistance, Metformin, and Side Effects!!?

    Two weeks ago I was diagnosed with severe insulin resistance. my blood labs came back with my blood glucose levels perfectly normal, by my insulin was through the roof. My doc put me on metformin. right now I'm at 500mg and increase it to 1000mg on Tuesday. I really haven't seen many stomachs side effects other than nausea. since I started taking it, my blood sugar has been high in the mornings, 124mg/dl this morning. I have also had problems with dizziness, especially for a 2-3 hour period after eating. Prior to metformin, my insulin levels were very high, but my blood sugar levels always remained normal. My blood pressure is spectacular.. it steadily runs between 102-115/65-85 when resting or doing general, non demanding activity. I am also having problems concentrating and remembering, it has affected both my school work this week (attending a local university) and my job (I work at a Centurylink call center).
    Has anyone else experienced this? what did you do? ( the next time I can get in to see a doc is July 11th or after)

  2. Lloyd

    Metformin usually takes 3 to 5 weeks to have full effect, it builds up in your system.

  3. flowergrl45

    Be sure to take the metformin with food to keep from having an upset stomach. It should help.
    Also... try to take it at the same time each day. Drink plenty of fluids-- water is best.

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