Insulin Resistance Treatment

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Review Potential Treatments For Insulin Resistance In The Horse: A Comparative Multi-species Review

Abstract Insulin resistance and hyperinsulinaemia increase the risk of laminitis and horse owners and veterinarians should attempt to enhance insulin sensitivity in at-risk groups. In obese animals this may be achieved, in part, by promoting weight loss and increasing exercise, but such intervention may not be appropriate in non-obese insulin-resistant animals, or where exercise is contra-indicated for clinical reasons. An alternative approach to controlling insulin sensitivity in obese and non-obese horses may be the use of certain herbal compounds that have shown promise in humans and laboratory animals, although little is known of the effects of these compounds in horses. The herbs can be grouped according to their primary mechanism of action, including activators of the peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors, anti-obesity compounds, anti-oxidants, compounds that slow carbohydrate absorption, insulin receptor activators and stimulators of glucose uptake, with some herbs active in more than one pathway. Certain herbs have been prioritised for this review according to the quality and quantity of published studies, the reported (or extrapolated) safety profile, as well as pote Continue reading >>

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  1. passerby

    Why is it bad to spike insulin before bedtime?

    I read this article on the bb.com site and it says:
    "If there was one word of caution about milk that I would give you, it would be to avoid milk late at night if you are at all carb-sensitive. Although milk does have a very low GI, it ranks very high on the insulin index (II). You don't want insulin spiked right before bed."
    Article source: http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/paul1.htm (scroll down to "Got a Word Of Caution?")
    Can any of you tell me why it's bad to spike insulin before bed by drinking milk? Also, I've read that when on a bulk (I'm bulking) drinking whole milk is a great idea. Would it be bad to drink fat free milk instead? (I'm an endomorph; worried about gaining too much fat w/ whole milk).

  2. Hercule

    an insulin spike leads to sleepyness. so unless you are going to bed for 'other' activities its GOOD.

  3. johnnyironboard

    Spiking insulin before going to bed is an ideal environment for fat storage.

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