Insulin Pump Pros And Cons

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The Pros And Cons Of Insulin Pumps

Even though I don’t work with insulin pumps on a daily basis, I have always been amazed by their advancing technology. This weekend I was talking to a high school student with type 1 who wore a pump without tubing. It just made me think of what a big deal it is especially for a high school student to have a tube-free pump for social reasons. He is a senior this year and about to go away to college. That is usually a trust test to see how a freshman in college handles all the newness and stress of their first year and also works every day to manage his blood glucose and insulin. A statement from the European Association for the Study of Diabetes and the American Diabetes Association Diabetes Technology Working Group was just published in the “Online Ahead of Print” section in Diabetes Care describing their efforts. As diabetes educators we know all the benefits of a pump and how life changing it can be. We also know with any type of insulin therapy, there are major life threatening risks. This group asserts that we need to be doing a better job looking at the safety of pumps from a clinical perspective. The “adverse events” (AE) reports on the US Food and Drug Administrati Continue reading >>

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  1. PsuedoDiva

    High Insulin, normal glucose, deer in the headlights

    I am a 32 year old female, two children. Last January after my second was born I decided to turn my life around. I lost 25 pounds very quickly. Then I stalled out and gained some back. 7 months after the plateau I was finally diagnosed with hypothyroidism (low T3.) That was four months ago. My doctor ordered a 3-hour glucose test. I just got the results:
    Fasting Glucose: 89
    Insulin 1/2 Hour 108.2 20-112
    Insulin 1 Hour 177.7
    Insulin 2 hour 144.1
    Glucose 1/2 Hour 194 <200 mg/dL
    Glucose 1 Hour 168 <200 mg/dL
    Glucose 2 Hour 119 <140 mg/dL
    I eat a low carb, high fat diet. I do not eat processed foods. I do not drink soda. I do not smoke. I do not eat lots of sugar, even being careful to maintain a low intake of fruit. When I do have a treat, it is usually 80% or higher dark chocolate.
    What do I do? What might these results mean?

  2. jwags

    The results indicate pre diabetes but you were very close to the 200 diabetic threshold. The high insulin levels indicate insulin resistance. That means your pancreas still produces insulin, but your cells don't always recognize it so your pancreas overproduces insulin. I have heard that if you follow a low carb diet , you should go off of it for a week or so to get accurate results on OGTT.

  3. PsuedoDiva

    What does being pre-diabetic mean, for the course of my life? How should I change things? I thought I was doing a good job already.

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