Insulin Pump Pros And Cons

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Superbetic - Insulin Pump Pros And Cons

Superbetic YouTube clip discussing advantages and disadvantages of insulin pump therapy Reviewed by Geraldine Gallen Good patient perspective of pump therapy, positive and negative Dave Sowerby Good easy to watch video giving pluses and minuses of using an insulin pump to manage your T1. Well worth a watch if you're considering whether to choose a pump or not. Continue reading >>

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  1. Ant's pants

    I'm currently 34+ weeks with my second bub and have Gestational Diabetes, managed using insulin and diet. I didn't have diabetes with my first (well, not to my knowledge) but had a failed induction and emergency c section at 40+9. Bubs was just over 4kg.
    My obs is thinking an elective c section is the most likely scenario this time, but will make a final decision following a sizing scan at 36 weeks.
    But I'd be very interested to know others labour and birth experiences with Gestational Diabetes. How did you find it? Were there issues managing your sugars during the delivery? And how did bub cope?

  2. Holidayromp

    Well I was bullied into an induction after being way over managed and I was only borderline.
    I have a very dim view of management of GD.
    I would seek a second opinion before coming to a decision.

  3. Holidayromp

    Oh and once baby is out you don't have GD. In fact during labour etc you can pretty much throw insulin and all the pharaphanelia out the window. Pity noone bothered to tell me that though.

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