Insulin Classification

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Tweet Inside the pancreas, beta cells make the hormone insulin. With each meal, beta cells release insulin to help the body use or store the glucose it gets from food. Insulin is prescribed to people with type 1 diabetes. This is because type 1 diabetes destroys beta cells in the pancreas, meaning that the body can no longer produce insulin. People with type 2 diabetes make insulin, but their bodies don’t respond well to it. Some people with type 2 diabetes may take pills or insulin shots to help their bodies use glucose for energy. What you should know about insulin This section covers everything to do with insulin - insulin types, prescription, delivery, side effects, insulin pumps, over-dosage, lancets and more. Explore key guides in this section, including: How many types of insulin are there? There are 4 types of insulin, based on how soon the insulin starts working (onset), when it works the hardest (peak time) and how long it lasts in your body (duration). However, each person responds to insulin in his or her own way. That is why onset, peak time, and duration are given as ranges. The types of insulin are: Rapid-acting insulin (Lispro) reaches the blood within 15 minutes Continue reading >>

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  1. Nana_anna

    Finding low cost Insulin at Wal Mart!

    I was looking for low cost insulin this week. We usually go through Medco, but there prices are as much as my rent it! I can't afford both! I found this website that explains all the details of what you can do to locate a Wal Mart in your area that has Novolin 75/30 insulin for as low as 16.95. Some places want more, like ours does, but its better then paying 400.00 for 3 viles. Passing this along to those who are looking to and were not aware of this like I was not. :) Now on my March 7th Dr. appointment I can have him, if he wil, write a prescription for this.

  2. sharlee1031

    I have not been able to find the Relion 70/30 insulin at Walmart anymore. Are they still making it? Cannot find it at any Walmarts where I live.

  3. teardrops60


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