Implantable Insulin Pump Price

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How Much Does An Insulin Pump Cost?

The cost of an insulin pump ranges from $4000-$10,000. The cost varies depending on the type and brand of pump. It also varies depending on where it is purchased from. There are three different types of insulin pumps – with tube, tubeless and implanted. The average cost of an insulin pump with a tube is around $4000-$5000. The average tubeless pump costs around $6000-$7000. The average cost of an insulin pump that is implanted is around $10,000. On top of the original expense of the pump, patients will spend about $100 a month on insulin and other supplies for with tube and tubeless insulin pumps. Implanted insulin pumps cost more for monthly insulin supplies than with tube or tubeless insulin pumps. Implanted insulin pumps cost around $120 a month for insulin and supplies. Most insurance plans will cover at least some of the cost of an insulin pump; the average insurance plan covers about 50% of the cost. However, most insurance plans will only allow patients to get the least expensive type, the with tube variety. Insulin Pump Cost Comparison Insulin pumps are expensive and no matter the style or brand will cost at least several thousand dollars. With tube insulin pumps cost les Continue reading >>

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  1. Jo Brodie

    It depends if you mean how much to buy a pump and / or the consumables needed to run it, or the costs relating to the training that's needed to use one effectively and safely.
    For people in the UK who are eligible for an insulin pump I think this would all be made available on the NHS but, according to Diabetes UK...
    'If you are not deemed suitable for an insulin pump on the NHS then the cost of funding a pump privately is considerable. Insulin pumps cost between £1000 and £3000. There are additional costs for the consumable attachments, eg infusion sets, batteries and pump reservoirs, which you may also have to pay for yourself. Consumables could amount to between £1000 and £2000 per year.
    If you pay privately for a pump it is just as important to have support from your healthcare team as it is if you are given one on the NHS.'
    Disclaimer: I work at Diabetes UK but I'm not answering in an official capacity, just as me :)

  2. Sarah Reyes

    Without insurance, the medtronic insulin pump (as one example) is over 7,000 dollars. With insurance it varies depending on copayment.

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