How To Open Lantus Solostar Pen

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How To Use The Lantus® Solostar® Pen

Please check the leaflet for the insulin for complete instructions on how to store SoloSTAR®. If your SoloSTAR® is in cool storage, take it out 1 to 2 hours before you inject to allow it to warm up. Cold insulin is more painful to inject. Keep SoloSTAR® out of the reach and sight of children. Keep your SoloSTAR® in cool storage (36°F–46°F [2°C–8°C]) until first use. Do not allow it to freeze. Do not put it next to the freezer compartment of your refrigerator, or next to a freezer pack. Once you take your SoloSTAR® out of cool storage, for use or as a spare, you can use it for up to 28 days. During this time it can be safely kept at room temperature up to 86°F (30°C). Do not use it after this time. SoloSTAR® in use must not be stored in a refrigerator. Do not use SoloSTAR® after the expiration date printed on the label of the pen or on the carton. Protect SoloSTAR® from light. Discard your used SoloSTAR® as required by your local authorities. Protect your SoloSTAR® from dust and dirt. You can clean the outside of your SoloSTAR® by wiping it with a damp cloth. Do not soak, wash, or lubricate the pen as this may damage it. Your SoloSTAR® is designed to work accur Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. HelpfulPharmer1

    Folks, my friend recalls from memory that Rite Aid sent out a memo in 2013 about them getting audited and fined over 1 million dollars for giving too much insulin pens as 1 box and bill for just 28 days.
    The argument among pharmacist was that: box of "insulin pen" is not break-able.
    However, because of the audit and penalty, Rite Aid wanted pharmacies to break box and dispense enough insulin pens. Still, many did not recall reading or seeing that memo.
    Anyone can please find that old memo and post it here to settle the argument? The memo was sent from Corporate Headquarters to all pharmacists in 2013. I am sure with 100 thousands employees, someone can find that memo and post it here (because Rite Aid only allows old email to be kept within a few short weeks.)
    That memo is gone now. But the argument among pharmacists is still going on.
    Like it or not, we have to follow the policy of the company that pays our check.
    If someone can please find that memo and post the memo here, we would really appreciate your help.
    Thanks from a bunch of confusing and arguing pharmacists and technicians.....

  2. Prepharm1214

    I don't have the memo unfortunately but I distinctly remember Nexgen listing lantus solostar as quantity of 15ml and it autorounding anything not in 15ml increments next highest 15ml interval, this was back in 2011ish. Many people as a result got in a habit of rounding to the nearest box, obviously this is not the case now and 3ml increments are used but when the change happened I'm not sure - likely a result of the disciplinary case you mentioned.

  3. BenJammin

    Team Open Box until I die. Seriously, it makes no sense why you would give someone a full box when 2 pens is a 30 day supply.

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