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Vetpen® Is The First And Only Insulin Pen Designed Exclusively For Diabetic Pets.

Go to site For Pet Owners For years, insulin pens have made it easier for human diabetics to manage their diabetes. VetPen allows pet owners to enjoy the same convenience and accuracy when managing their pet’s diabetes. Designed specifically for use with Vetsulin®, VetPen makes giving insulin injections to pets more convenient and more accurate than using vials and syringes. Enables pets to receive more accurate doses consistently. Precision instrumentation allows the same dose to be easily set by simply turning a dial, minimizing the chance for dosing errors Great for small doses—VetPen enables precise doses to be selected down to 0.5 units Even when doses were drawn up by trained laboratory technicians, syringes were found to deliver at least 20% to 25% more insulin than needed for a 1-unit dose11 Provides greater convenience. Ergonomically designed for easy handling, even for owners with visual or manual dexterity issues Multi-dose insulin cartridges require fewer steps to prepare doses once primed (air removed) Portability allows owners to give their pets injections anywhere (refrigeration of cartridges is recommended during storage and usage) 97% of pet owners reported th Continue reading >>

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  1. M Rafiqul Islam Suman

    An insulin pen is used to inject insulin for the treatment of diabetes . Insulin delivery systems such as insulin pens can make giving insulin shots much easier. The pens include an insulin cartridge, a dial to measure dosage, and a disposable needle. You may need a different pen for each type of insulin you use.
    Types of insulin pen
    An insulin pen is several different brands and models and falls into two distinct categories-
    A reusable pen: this comprises a replaceable insulin cartridge. Once empty, the cartridge is discarded and a new one put in.

    A disposable pen: this comprises a prefilled insulin cartridge. Once adopted, the entire pen unit is thrown away.
    Most brands of insulin are available for use in pens, these comprise:
    NovoMix, NovoRapid, and Levemir by Novo Nordisk
    Humulin and Humalog by Eli Lilly and Company

    Lantus and Apidra by Sanofi-Aventis

    Insulin Pen:Types,Advantages,Disadvantages & Cost

  2. Liang-Hai Sie

    As for using the in the US still popular cheaper syringe and vial vs the in Europe standard insulin pen, apart from the ease of use, important when dosing insulin multiple times a day as is often done in intensive diabetic control, see http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/... , the dosing accuracy of a pen better in the lower doses <5 IU to that of one using the insulin syringe and vial method Dosing accuracy of insulin pens versus conventional syringes and vials.

  3. Martin Reyto

    They're very carefully calibrated so that the dial at the end lifts the plunger exactly to the height needed to push out the required amount of insulin. The dial actually turns a metal rod with a spiral groove which raises the plunger with every upward turn.

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