How Many Ways Can Insulin Be Administered?

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8 Ways To Take Insulin

How to take insulin Need insulin? While the drug itself may be old—nearly 90 years to be exact—there’s lots of new things happening when it comes to ways to take it. From the old-fashioned needle and syringe to injector pens to pumps, you’ve got choices to make. There’s even a plethora of devices that can help you inject if you have poor vision or mobility issues. Check out these eight options and talk with your certified diabetes educator to determine which insulin delivery system or injection aids are right for you. Needle and syringe With this type of delivery system, you insert a needle into a vial, draw up the appropriate amount of insulin, and then inject into the subcutaneous space—the tissue just under your skin. Here are 5 types of insulin and 9 factors that affect how insulin works. Even though there are other options, needles and syringes remain the most common way to take insulin. Some of the new insulin injection methods, such as the insulin pen, carry only a preset amount of insulin. Thinner needles and other advancements, such as syringe magnifiers, have made syringes easier to use. Syringe magnifier Have poor vision? You’re not alone. According to the Continue reading >>

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  1. RightWingWacko58

    I just returned from a trip to Canada. Across from my hotel was a Shoppers Drug Mart so I went inside. I had been told that insulin was a lot cheaper in Canada and is available without a prescription.
    To make a long story short: 5 Pens of Lantis $113 Canadian 5 Pens of Humalog $65 Canadian.
    For those of us currently lacking insurance Both these retail for about $476 US each at local pharmacies here in Washington. $178 Canadian works out to about $124 US.
    I should have purchased several boxes, but I was worried about getting it back home. There was no issue at the border when returning home, but I suppose there might have been had I purchased several boxes.
    It will be nice to get back to using Modern Insulin again! Paid for the entire trip with the insulin savings... and then some.
    Fortunately for me, It's a fairly close drive, so I am seeing more trips to our northern neighbors while I work out my Insurance issues.

  2. SisterCole

    You can get bottles of humalog from Walmart here in Canada for 38.00 without a script necessary - its the only way I've been able to afford my insulin as I have no insurance (i'm canadian).

  3. QuietLotus

    Holy cow. As an American who has paid almost $300 for a vial in the past, I suddenly feel like there's something very wrong with my reality.

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