How Many Units Of Insulin In 1 Ml

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Reader Input Needed For Community High-alert Drug Survey

Insulin dosed in mg? A set up for errors! In September, a new form of inhaled insulin, EXUBERA (insulin human [rDNA origin]) will become available. The drug has an onset of action similar to rapid-acting insulin analogs and must be inhaled about 10 minutes before a meal. It also has a duration of glucose-lowering activity comparable to subcutaneously administered regular human insulin. The drug will be available in 1 mg and 3 mg blisters of insulin powder, which are administered using the Exubera Inhaler. We have already received a report from a pharmacist who alerted us to the risk of serious medication errors with this high-alert drug. Exubera is dosed in mg (as during clinical trials), with a weight-based dosing chart for initial mg doses, and a conversion chart for equivalent doses in units (see table 1), the long-standing, usual way insulin is prescribed. Dose(mg) Approximate Regular Insulin SC Dose in IU Number of 1 mg EXUBERA Blisters per Dose Number of 3 mg EXUBERA Blisters per Dose 1 mg 3 1 - 2 mg 6 2 - 3 mg 8 - 1 4 mg 11 1 1 5 mg 14 2 1 6 mg 16 - 2 Table 1: Approximate Equivalent IU Dose of Regular Human Subcutaneous Insulin for EXUBERA Inhaled Insulin Doses Ranging from Continue reading >>

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    Can Anyone answer this for me?
    I've tried it about 8 times but just can't get the answer right.
    thank you (not cheating, just need to get my head around it)
    S/C Heparin Na 2500 units is ordered. 5000units/0.2ml is in stock. Amount to be given is ____mls
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    thank you - thats what I thought

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