How Many Times A Day Do You Take Insulin?

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Facts About Insulin Treatment

Insulin is an essential hormone. Without it, the body cannot control or properly use glucose (sugar) – one of its main energy supplying fuels. How does insulin help diabetes? People with type 1 diabetes produce inadequate amounts of insulin, so insulin replacement is their key treatment. Without adequate insulin replacement, people with type 1 diabetes will see their blood sugar levels rise and the body will start to burn up its fat stores. In a few days this leads to a condition called diabetic acidosis, which is life threatening. Too much insulin, on the other hand, leads to such low levels of blood sugar that it causes a condition called hypoglycaemia. The symptoms include paleness, shaking, shivering, perspiration, rapid heartbeat, hunger, anxiety and blurred vision. In some cases it can cause loss of consciousness (hypoglycaemic coma) and convulsions. In type 2 diabetes the problem is not a lack of insulin output, but increasing resistance of your cells to the effects of insulin. In the early years, the body compensates for this insulin resistance by increasing the output of insulin from the pancreas gland. Ultimately, the pancreas becomes unable to cope. About 30 per cent o Continue reading >>

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  1. Rob43

    How many insulin shots do you take a day? 142 members have voted

    1. How many insulin shots do you take a day?
    1 a day. 14
    2 14
    3 8
    4 46
    5 30
    6 17
    7 4
    8 or more insulin shots a day. 11
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  2. Rob43

    Hi, My doctor has put me on four insulin shots a day. Three before meals and one at night before bedtime. What worries me is the real bad BG lows because I live alone and if I got into coma there is nobody to help me.
    Thanks, Rob

  3. Jill-O

    I do the same as you. And, I know I worried a lot when I first started on insulin and then again when I changed from a premix to the 4x like you are now. Just keep an eye on yourself, test a lot, make sure you have glucose tablets around close (or some kind of soda / candy). Hopefully you'll do about like I did and get more and more at ease based on how you feel and your test numbers

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