How Many Insulin Pumps Are Sold Each Year

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Insulin Pumps

Not Just for Type 1 An estimated 350,000 people in the United States use insulin pumps today, and about 30,000 of those are believed to have Type 2 diabetes. Surprised? Type 2 diabetes is a progressive disease that causes many people who have it to eventually need to use insulin to control their blood glucose levels. Although many people still think insulin pumps are only for treatment of Type 1 diabetes, they can also be useful for some people with Type 2 diabetes. According to Charles H. Raine III, MD, a diabetologist in Orangeburg, South Carolina, who himself has Type 2 diabetes and uses an insulin pump, the criteria for a good pump candidate are the same, no matter what type of diabetes a person has. In general, a good pump candidate has uncontrolled blood glucose, but also has a desire to try for better control of his diabetes, is willing to measure and document food intake and blood glucose levels, and is physically, emotionally, and cognitively able to manage a pump (or has a caregiver who is). Another important characteristic is a willingness to keep appointments with members of his diabetes care team. Insulin pumps are cell-phone-size devices used to deliver preprogrammed Continue reading >>

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  1. She ra

    Is 1 ml 100 units on an insulin syringe? (for dog vaccine)

    that is my question, is 1 ml 100 units on an insulin syringe. I looked it up and there are many a couple of different answers, most of them say 1ml is 100 units....
    What say you my friends?

  2. furball64801

    No its not try taking a bottle and put 100 units in the syringe, I know its very confusing but you could not put a bottle in it.

  3. kgordon

    100u insulin is 100 units/mL.
    500u insulin is 500 units/mL
    40u insuilin is 40 units/mL.
    and so on . . .
    The typical vial here in the states is a 10mL bottle which contains 1000 units. It's important to make sure that the syringe one is using is marked for the insulin one is using. Syringes marked for use with 100u insulin come in sizes to hold either 100u (1mL), 50u (1/2mL) and 30u (.30mL). It is possible to use insulins of other strengths in these syringes but you would first have to convert as the marks are no longer valid for insulin of other strengths.
    So, to answer the question. Yes, if you have a 100 unit syringe marked for use with 100u then filling it up to the 100u mark will fill it with 1mL of 100u insulin.

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