How Many Insulin Pumps Are Sold Each Year

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An Overview Of Insulin Pumps And Glucose Sensors For The Generalist

Go to: 1. Introduction Diabetes is rapidly becoming a major health epidemic in most regions of the world [1]. All patients with type 1 diabetes and a significant number with type 2 diabetes require the use of insulin for controlling blood glucose. In the last 20 years, technological innovation and bioengineering has transformed the diabetes therapeutic landscape. There are several varieties of insulin and many different injection regimens that can be used. However, in spite of the availability of insulin vials and pens, the acceptability for patients and the glucose readings that are obtained with the use of single or multiple-dose injection regimens is not to the desired level. Insulin delivery with pumps, also known as continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion (CSII), was introduced almost a half century ago. It utilizes short- or rapid-acting insulin types only, thus minimizing variability of administration and reducing the chances of glucose fluctuations. Pump technology has progressed to the level of precisely mimicking physiological demands. Programmable insulin administration in basal and bolus fashion is integrated and augmented with glucose biosensors to provide real-time, Continue reading >>

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  1. ratgirldjh

    > Buying Syringes at the Pharmacy

    LOL - I've never been able to find ANYTHING I wanted or needed (besides vitamins) at CVS!!! Try Wal-Mart! The people at the pharmacy counter are much more easy going!!! The CVS people take themselves too seriously or something! LOL - when I went there with my very picky self to buy insulin syringes (i am diabetic and am very picky about syringe size and needle length) the pharmacist was like weirded out when I asked to see the assortment of sizes and needle length. I use a 3/10 cc syringe with 1/2 unit markings, 31 gauge and 5/16" needle - which are difficult to come by. I also need the shortest needle possible since I have hardly no fat to speak of (insulin is shot right under the skin into the fat). the pharmacist was not helpful and kept pushing the wrong syringes on me and I just left and went to Wal-Mart. CVS syringes are also more expensive than Wal-Mart and even though I got a sample (I am pushy lol) I hated them - they seemed cheaply made and like I said they were more expensive...

  2. INDK

    ive bought rigs plenty of times in VA. Some pharmacies are more likely to turn you down then others. You just have to know what to say otherwise they no the reason your getting rigs... when i go I ask for 30gage 1cc u100 insulin syringes and usually am successful. I'll maybe get turned down 1 out of 10 times but thats all they can really do to you

  3. INDK

    rite aid usualy works for me, or farm fresh pharmacies if theirs one near you, also try to avoid the older head pharmacist their more likely to turn you down or look up your name in the system to see if you actually are diabetic

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