How Does Sugar Cause Insulin Resistance?

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Fat Vs Sugar In The War On Insulin Resistance

Dietary choices are implicated in increasing risk, but sometimes it is hard to know where to look when seeking advice on what to eat! But is it fat or sugar we should be more concerned about? Or both? It seems the answer to that question is a little complex. First, let’s look at the action of insulin. When insulin gets high Insulin impacts the synthesis and storage of glucose, fat and amino acids. It is primarily recognised for its regulation of blood glucose levels, and maintains balance of levels of sugar in the blood by: moving glucose from the blood into muscle cells or adipose (fat) tissue, and; inhibiting the formation of glucose from non-carbs, i.e. fats and proteins (a process called gluconeogenesis that takes place in the liver when blood glucose runs low).1 It then gathers excess glucose in the blood and stores it as fat. It also acts as an appetite regulator, and whilst its role is not well defined, once insulin acts to deposits fat into fat cells, leptin – the hunger suppressant hormone – is stimulated to release.1 In insulin resistance, it has been observed that glucose and free fatty acids are persistently high in the blood, likely due to ‘resistant’ cells n Continue reading >>

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  1. wwotr

    For the 1st time in my Life, I find myself in unfamiliar Territory.
    My Wife lost here job, and we have no Health Insurance and we make too much to apply for County/State Aide.
    I'm looking to buy Vials of Levimere Insulin.
    A little over a year ago, I bought a Bottle from the Safeway Pharmacy (without a Prescription).
    It cost me about $47.99.
    Fast Forward to the Todays Date, and I can't find a Vial of it priced UNDER $123.00
    When I look online, its all "Canadian Pharmacy's" and the prices are NOT that much Cheaper.
    When I bought that Vial of Insulin last year, I priced it out at 3 Different (Local) Pharmacy's.
    Their prices Varied quite a lot.
    Respectively its was $150.00/$97.00 and finally $47.99 at the Safeway Pharmacy.
    Anyone here have any tips for reasonably priced Insulin, for someone without Insurance?
    I was able to save about 65% buy buying the "Generic Syringes" from Wal Mart last week, (over the BD Brand).
    Any Help/Info/Links/Websites would be appreciated.

  2. poodlebone

    Are you sure you bought Levemir without a prescription for $47.99? if so, you got a very good deal and the pharmacist sold it to you illegally! Levemir, as well as Lantus, Novolog, Humalog and Apidra all require prescriptions in the United States. You can buy NPH and Regular without a prescription and the price you paid seems more in line for one of those. NPH & Regular are the old school long (NPH) and fast (Regular) acting insulins, before the insulin analogs came out. It's also possible the pharmacist gave you a vial of Levemir thinking he was giving you NPH or Regular.

  3. wwotr

    No "poodlebone", not absoulutley sure.
    I was on Humilin before switching to Levimere, so it was probably "Humaliun", along with the fact of the prive of it.
    Im sure that nothing "Illegall" was going on, just my Memory playing tricks on me.
    Its a shame the Levimere is SO MUCH MORE than The Humilin, because being a Tyupe1 Diabetic for over 40 years, my Diabetes has never been in better control, and I'm sure as **** not going back to my "old" Insulin, just to save a few bucks, and ruin my Health.
    Thanks for the insight.

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