How Does Insulin Resistance Happen

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What Are The Best, Cost-effective Anti-aging Techniques?

Answer Wiki Now you can get the best technique there is to anti aging. You can learn from the link below. 100% effective learn directly from the source. Let me first explain why people age. One of the main causes of aging is weakening communication networks in cells between the genome and the mitochondrion, anorganelle in the cell that works as the powerhouse of our bodies. A mitochondrion is like a digestive system of the cell that draws energy out of the chemical bonds of glucose to produce action-ready molecules called adenosine triphosphate (ATP). ATP molecules supply cells with chemical energy—similar to what electronic devices get from batteries—and that helps us move, think, and overall keeps our bodies alive. The energy needs of cells, however, fluctuate, and as a result mitochondria have to adjust. For that to happen, a cell’s mitochondria must communicate with the genome, which announce the cell’s current energy needs. The problem is that this communication network deteriorates as we age, and that deterioration damages our health. The big anti-aging news, though, is that there are ways to restore the network—even when we are quite old. Many scientists now believ Continue reading >>

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  1. David Brandt

    When I was diagnosed I was a teenager who weighed 120 pounds. I don’t remember my height at the time but I was pretty skinny. At my heaviest I was 313 pounds and 6 feet tall. As my weight increased, I needed to take a lot more insulin to keep my sugar within an acceptable range. I don’t know if that’s insulin resistance or something else, but it sure seems like it to me.

  2. Gwen Sawchuk

    The causes of Type I and Type II are different.
    Type I is caused by destruction of the cells that make insulin. Often by the time the disease is diagnosed, around 90% of the cells are already destroyed.
    That is why insulin is always the only treatment.
    Type II involves insulin resistance. And because the cells that make insulin are still somewhat functioning, other metabolic efforts can be made, such as losing weight, increasing exercise, and dietary changes.

  3. Ron Hunter

    There is a pretty fine balance for type 1 diabetics between insulin toxicity and glucose toxicity. If a type 1 has a diet of too many glucose producing foods, they must up their insulin levels to compensate. Over time too much insulin in the body makes the tissues less sensitive to the insulin. Probably the first marker is being a type 1 diabetic and being obese.

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