How Does Insulin Levels Affect Weight Gain?

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5 Reasons For Weight Gain After Gallbladder Removal

For many, cholecystectomy or gallbladder removal is the only promise of relief from all their gallbladder pain and trouble. This makes the procedure one of the most frequently performed surgeries. Deciding to have it was even made easier with the development of laparoscopic cholecystectomy. Due to its less invasive nature, healing time and recovery is much quicker, with most patients out of the hospital and back to their normal lives in no time. However, just as they think all their worries are over, many discover that they need to face a new kind of challenge – weight gain after gallbladder removal. The fear of gaining a few pounds is common especially during the holiday season. Unfortunately for many people with gallbladder concerns including those who have had cholecystectomy, the struggle of weight gain after gallbladder removal is constant the whole year round. You may be one of many who are hoping to know the reasons behind this. Some causes are directly related to the surgery while others are less direct. To help you understand the problem of weight gain during gallbladder surgery recovery or even long after the procedure, we have researched and listed five possible causes Continue reading >>

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  1. DBCooper

    Does insulin automatically cause weight gain?

    I keep hearing that insulin 'makes it harder' to lose weight. I have also read reports that it can make you gain weight. If I took insulin is there a sure fire way to make sure I don't gain any weight?
    If I took up weight lifting could I keep off the fat or will it come regardless?

  2. CalgaryDiabetic

    Yes insulin is a weight gain agent for me and yes countermeasure are for sure needed. Weight weight lifting I have a lot of tummy fat still but also some muscle mass.
    Sure fire ? Nothing is sure fire but adding metformin helps and so does a low carb diet to minimize the insulin needed.

  3. Willow593

    I have been on insulin for 8 years and weigh now what I weighed 8 years ago. I have not gained. I don't think there is a "sure fire" way to make sure you don't gain however it is important to remember that taking insulin is not an OK to eat anything and as much as you want.
    Portion control, eating the right type of carbs and exercise will help.

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